Coronavirus closures to start in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as White House denies ‘national shutdown’ – The Sun

CORONAVIRUS closures are to begin tonight across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The three states are taking joint action to reduce restaurant capacity and close, bars, gyms and movie theatres as of this evening.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted today crowd capacity will be reduced to 50 and restaurants and bars will operate as takeout and delivery only in the three states.

Gyms, movie theatres and casinos will also be closed, effective at 8pm.

It comes amid reports Donald Trump is in talks to impose a nationwide curfew in light of the pandemic, something denied by the White House.

In response to a tweet from a CNN correspondent alleging the president is hosting "active discussions" on a non-essential business curfew, official press secretary for Mike Pence, Katie Miller denied the claims.

She wrote: "This is not correct" in response to the tweet, which stated: "There are active discussions within the Trump administration to encourage a possible “curfew” across the nation in which non-essential businesses would have to close by a certain time each night."

The new measures across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as there are more than 2,900 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, along with 60 deaths, according to NBC News.

The only exception has been grocery stores, with the Big Apple transforming into a shockingly eerily silent city.

Last week, Broadway was shut for at least a month after the restrictions on public gatherings came into palce.

The major city landmarks such as the Metropolitan Museum, the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall also announced they are suspending visits and performances.

The announcement comes after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the city's public school system will shut down.

The city, which boasts more than 18,000 schools and is by far the biggest public school system in the country, will keep the buildings closed until at least late April – and could remain closed until the end of the academic year.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio described the mass school closures as "a very troubling moment, a moment where I am just distraught over having to take this action".

The extreme measures follow similar protocols put in place in Europe, with Ireland, Spain and Italy currently on lockdown.

Across several European countries bars and restaurants are closed and public gatherings banned.

People are encouraged to stay at home and work remotely wherever possible.

It comes as Americans returning from the United Kingdom and Europe are facing up to 6-hour wait times for coronavirus screening at funnel airports.

Passengers flocked to airports over the weekend after President Trump confirmed the US broadened its European coronavirus travel ban to include the UK and Ireland.

But Donald Trump has tried to urge worried Americans to "relax" and stop panic buying supplies.

He urged Americans to be sensible and follow public health advice.

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