Cops investigating sighting of Evelyn Mae Boswell with grandma 2 weeks ago… 2 months after mysteriously vanishing – The Sun

A 15-MONTH-old girl who has been missing since last year may have been seen at a KFC with her grandmother and her boyfriend in the last few weeks, cops and witnesses say.

Little Evelyn Mae Boswell, who is from Tennessee, was apparently spotted in a restaurant in the small North Carolina town of Yadkinville.

Evelyn vanished sometime in December, but her disappearance was not reported until last week when an Amber Alert was issued.

Grandmother Angela Boswell and her boyfriend William McCloud were placed in custody earlier this month after fleeing to North Carolina.

KFC employee Ashley Hutchens said she was working the front counter when the man, woman and girl came in.

She said she recognized McCloud when she recently saw his face on social media.

"Well, I first recognized the boyfriend," she told WJHL.

"I have tattoos, so I look at everybody's tattoos and face features and stuff.

"I am really good at remembering people's faces."

She said when she saw his photo "pop up" on Facebook, she realized it was them who came into KFC.

"That's when I seen that little girl and recognized her too, as the little girl was with them," she told the TV station.

She said she specifically remembered giving the little girl apple sauce and brought them their meals.

"I can't remember what shirt she had on, and it was like black leggings," she told the station.

"She had one shoe on and one shoe off. Shoes were white and pink, that was basically it.

"Just a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and blonde hair as you could tell."

Hutchens said she called investigators on Tuesday and told them about the sighting.

Evelyn's 18-year-old mother Megan Boswell was arrested this week for lying to investigators.

The Amber Alert was issued after Evelyn was reported missing on Feb. 18, about seven weeks after authorities believe the little girl vanished.

"We remain committed and continue to do everything possible to find out what happened to Evelyn," Sullivan County (Tenn.) Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said this week.

Megan Boswell initially said Evelyn was with her father, who is stationed with the US Army in Louisiana, and later said her mother had taken the little girl to a campground in Mendota, Virginia.

No signs of Evelyn were found at campgrounds in Mendota.

Evelyn's great-grandfather David Jones said she has not seen her since before Thanksgiving.

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