CNN pundit slammed for ‘wishing Melania Trump catches coronavirus’ as First Lady posts safety warning – The Sun

A CNN pundit has been slammed for appearing to wish Melania Trump would catch coronavirus as the First Lady posted a safety warning.

Rick Wilson posted his 'wishes' on Twitter as the news broke that Melania will be appearing in public service announcements on coronavirus.

The tweet, which was in response to CNN's article, said "#BeInfected".
The response from the writer appears to mock Melania's #BeBest program – her initiative which aims to focus on the major issues facing children today.

Republican Paul Gosar replied to the tweet and said: "Delete this, Americans are dying."

However Wilson has declined this advice, as the post has remained on social media for 15 hours.

Robby Starbuck tweeted: "You’re a really a disgusting person Rick. I know a lot of people have said it but it’s true. You should really start going by the name Dick, it suits you more than the name Rick does… You’ll never let go of your bitterness that Trump won. It’s truly pitiful."

Kimberly Ross wrote: "You should never wish that your political opponents get sick. This is obvious to most people. But others are so poisoned by hate…"

Jessica Fletcher said: "This is garbage, and you are a grown *ss adult who should know better."

Reporter Joe Concha said: "This is the most insidious & hateful rhetoric of anyone who exists in political punditry. Rick Wilson is wishing Coronavirus on Melania Trump. It doesn’t matter if the wish is aimed at a First Lady, or a doctor, a teacher, a policewoman. It is despicable. He deserves no platform."

In response to the intentions of his tweet being questioned, Wilson responded: "Insofar as #BeBest has been a travesty from the jump, you mean? Insofar as her online bullying efforts are placed in absurd contrast by her husband's daily actions? That's how I meant it."

The First Lady posted a message of hope today on Twitter assuring the public that the changes being made during COVID-19 'is not how we will live forever'.

She said: "Our children will return to school, people will return to work, we will gather at the places of worship, concerts and sporting events."

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