Clinic boss jailed after woman, 25, nearly died from botched nose job that pierced her skull and put her in a coma

A COSMETIC surgery clinic boss has been jailed in Russia after a young patient almost died from a botched nose job.

Karolina Sarkisyan suffered heavy bleeding, swelling over her whole body and respiratory failure after the op in Moscow in 2018.

Karolina, 25 at the time, was rushed to another hospital and spent nine days in a coma as doctors battled to save her life.

A criminal case later found the private clinic owned by Dr Gulnara Shah, 57, did not have a licence to perform such surgery.

Inspectors also found necessary medical equipment was not available and staff could not provide round-the-clock monitoring of patients.

Shah, who was held under house arrest pending the investigation, was this week found guilty of medical negligence.

He was jailed for a year and ten months, and banned from medical practice for two years.

Shah was also ordered to pay compensation to the victim of £5,500, reports medical news site Medvestnik.


Karolina had gone for what was meant to be a "minor" op to correct a deviated septum that made it difficult to breathe.

She also wanted to remove a hump in her nose so it was more curved.

She chose surgeon Gevorg Stepanyan to carry out the op, based on his experience and positive patient reviews.

After waking from the surgery Karolina “started hallucinating” before suffering from respiratory failure, fluid in the lungs and swelling all over her body.

Staff could not stop her condition deteriorating so called an ambulance.

The clinic initially claimed she suffered an "allergic reaction" to drugs.

In fact, investigators found, the base of her skull was punctured during the procedure, causing severe bleeding which the surgical team failed to diagnose.

As she lay in a coma, Karolina's family said she had defied their wishes to have the surgery.

Tearful mother Marina told Russian media: “She is so beautiful. She is a stunner. She didn’t need to do any plastic surgery.”

Marina said her daughter was given a variety of drugs following the “minor” procedure.

She said at the time: “Early in the morning the anaesthetist came. I described what happened and asked why the nurse gave so many pills.

“He said it was his prescription after the surgery.”

The distraught mother added she blamed herself, adding: “I will never forgive myself for letting her do this surgery."

Karolina spent three weeks in hospital and needed lengthy rehabilitation, according to reports.

A year after the bungled op, surgeon Gevorg Stepanyan fled abroad while he was being investigated for allegedly maiming his patient.

Two other clinic staff were placed under house arrest.

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