Chula Vista police scour new area in the search for missing mother of 3 Maya Millete

4 months since Maya Millete last seen

‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Jillian Mele sits down with Maya’s family as they and dozens of others press police to push the case forward.

The Chula Vista Police Department said Wednesday that they have searched a new area about 1 mile away from the home where Maya Millete was last seen more than four months ago. 

In the last week, police have scoured the area of 500 Hunte Parkway, which is the site of a golf course that shut down in 2018.

Police said they searched the area “based on investigative leads,” but did not elaborate further. The abandoned golf course has hiking trails and hills to the north, a neighborhood to the south and empty fields flanking both sides. 

Police searched an area near this closed golf course in the last week, which is roughly one mile west of the home Maya Millete disappeared from. 
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Maya Millete’s family, friends and other Chula Vista community members have been searching for Maya every week since she went missing on Jan. 7. 

Police also said they are investigating possible sightings of Maya in Arizona and New Mexico. Police have reviewed more than 75 tips in the course of their investigation. 

Thirty-one search warrants have been served in the last four months, including for “residences, vehicles, cellular and electronic devices, call detail records, financial records, social media and cloud data.”

Most recently, police served a search warrant at the Milletes’ home on May 7. They used Border Patrol K-9 dogs and could be seen taking several boxes into a white lab van that was parked in the driveway. 

Maya Millete is the mother of three children, aged 4, 9 and 11. 
(Richard Drouaillet)

Shortly before that search, a gun violence restraining order was served to Larry Millete that claimed he has “illegal assault weapons and unregistered firearms.” The restraining order, obtained by CBS8, cited a picture of what allegedly shows the Milletes’ 4-year-old son surrounded by a “cache of legal and illegal firearms and ammunition.”

Larry Millete, a Navy veteran, accused police of violating his 2nd amendment rights, but has not answered multiple questions about whether any of his guns are illegal. 

Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s brother-in-law, said the family had a “good meeting” with police on Tuesday ahead of the latest update. 

Police said Wednesday that they “understand the frustration and pain May’s family has experienced since her disappearance,” but “are not able to share specific information about what was discussed” with Maya’s family. 

“We in no way want to jeopardize the investigation and potential prosecution of anyone involved in May’s disappearance,” the department said. 

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