Charlie Hanson accuser claims producer 'took off her clothes' after walking her home from bar as 11 women speak out

ONE of Charlie Hanson's 11 accusers said he"took off her clothes" after walking her home from a bar as a string of sexual misconduct claims were lodged against the producer.

Charlie Hanson, 68, who has enjoyed a successful 40-year career in television, is alleged to have preyed on 11 different women, claims he strongly denies.

It is claimed the TV producer preyed on the women when they were young “promising them a starry career under his wing” before making unwanted sexual advances.

The allegations lodged against him- including incidents of serious sexual assault – date from 2008 and 2015.

Hanson has denied all the allegations and said he would fully co-operate with an investigation.

One of the 11 woman, named as Emma, told Channel 4 News that Mr Hanson acted as a "mentor'" when she was starting out and gained her trust over years.

However, after going for a drink one night her memory became hazy shortly before Hanson walked her home and took her clothes off.

She said: "He does gain your trust, and it's only when you have a moment of vulnerability that he abuses that, and that’s why it comes as quite a shock.

"My memory is very blurry, I remember he took my clothes off and I pushed him away or tried to push him but he persisted and said “shhh, it’s ok”.


"It was like I was blacking out and every time I woke up he was engaging in sexual activity with me."

Another woman, Jemma, was a performer working on the acting circuit and said she felt very uncomfortable one night when the producer invited her into his bed.

She said: "At the time I didn’t think anything of staying on his sofa, I kind of considered this person a friend.

"He specifically said to 'come and share the bed, it’s more comfortable you know, you can trust nothing is going to happen.'

"I was on the edge of the bed, he came over right behind, put his arm around me that felt very uncomfortable.

"It was a really horrible experience because everything that I had believed up until then came crashing down at that moment.

"He seems to have a conveyor belt of young women who he does the same thing to, he’ll offer to develop projects for them, give the impression that he’s going to help them with their career."

In response to the accusations, Mr Hanson said in a statement: "I have been made aware of allegations made against me concerning improper conduct towards women dating back many years.

"Based on the summaries that have been provided to me, I understand that many of these accusations are made anonymously and are demonstrably false.

"I have not had one complaint in decades of work in the media industry. I categorically reject any wrongdoing on my part, and strongly refute the allegations that have been levelled at me.

"I have worked with and supported hundreds of men and women during my working life and will do what is necessary to protect and/or restore my reputation.

"I will also cooperate with any formal inquiries. The matter is now in the hands of my solicitors."

The award-winning producer has had his Bafta membership revoked following the claims.

Last month, Hanson was a vocal critic of Bafta following their handling of the sexual misconduct claims made against filmmaker and actor Noel Clarke.

Ricky Gervais also said he is "appalled to learn" that the producer of his show After Life has been accused of sex abuse.

Gervais, who also worked with Hanson on sitcoms Derek and Extras, said the producer has been removed from the production of his hit Netflix series.

In a statement, he said: "I am shocked and appalled to learn of the historical allegations made by a number of women against Charlie Hanson.

"The decision was made to immediately remove him from production and I am confident the matter is being handled thoroughly."

In a statement, Bafta said: “Bafta is an arts charity and does not have the power to investigate historical claims of abuse therefore we have referred the matter to the police.

"The behaviour that these accounts allege is abhorrent, in complete opposition to Bafta values and has no place in our industry.”

A spokesperson from Netflix said: “Whilst the allegations are unrelated to his time on the show, we immediately removed him from the production and referred the matter to the police.”

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