Capitol braced for March 4 violence as ‘dangerous’ QAnon fans inspired by Myanmar think Trump will be inaugurated

SECURITY has been seriously beefed up at the US Capitol building as QAnon fans hope for a Trump takeover inspired by the Myanmar coup.

Followers of the wild conspiracy theory believe former president Donald Trump will be inaugurated on March 4 and reinstated in office.

Fears continue to increase that the historical building could once again be seized by "dangerous" QAnon supporters who are closely following the Myanmar military.

The army seized control on February 1, detaining elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other politicians after the 2021 general election, which they claimed was plagued by widespread fraud.

Mass protests have been taking place across the country to denounce military control after they declared a year-long state of emergency.

Concerns are being raised that the strength of the Myanmar military and their ability to seize power will encourage Trump supporters to follow a similar "perverse" scheme.

Authorities feared hype around the claim may lead to another attack on the US Capitol, after followers spoke of a “military investigation” into President Joe Biden.

Donnie O'Sullivan highlighted the precariousness of the situation as the QAnon quacks began to unite with the so-called 'Sovereign Citizen Movement', a group of individuals who believe they can choose which laws to obey.

The FBI has previously described the movement as "domestic terrorism", further heightening worries that right-wing militia groups, including the likes of the 'Three Percenters', will unite in a bid to get Trump back in the White House.

"I would say a lot of the rhetoric is getting more dangerous," the reporter told CNN's 'OutFront', referring to the developments since the deadly insurrection on January 6.

"This whole idea of March 4th came about after the inauguration of Joe Biden because, you'll remember in the days leading up to the inauguration, QAnon followers were convinced that Trump was going to declare martial law and the inauguration would not happen," O'Sullivan continued.

"Obviously, the inauguration did happen, and then they began focusing on the March 4th day. And this is all tied to QAnon followers' sort of obsession that the military is on their side. That the military is on Trump's side."

Capitol Police sources have revealed that their days off and vacation days have been canceled in anticipation of the security threat.

On Tuesday, Capitol Police tweeted that it is “aware of concerning information and intelligence pertaining to March 4th” and continued to work with law enforcement partners. 

O'Sullivan continued, ""I've heard from QAnon supporters in the past few weeks who have been, look at what is happening in Myanmar, where there has been a deadly military coup, and saying they hope that happens here in the United States of America. That is how perverse this is."

Thousands of National Guard troops will remain in Washington DC until March 12 in case of an attempted coup.

However, QAnon followers are equipped with a back-up date if their first attempt falls through – March 20.

The QAnon conspiracy theory group has continued to take the world by storm with its outlandish claims but remains focused on the rhetoric that Trump has been waging a secret war on child-eating satanic pedophiles.

A tweet posted by Washington Post political journalist Dave Weigel said he was told by QAnon follower "Ken" that "Trump is still in charge of the military."

"Ken told him that 'Trump will be inaugurated again on March 20,'" Weigel said.

It is not clear if the National Guard troops will be deployed for longer in Washington to cover the supposed second attempt.

Trump's own Washington, DC, hotel has reportedly hiked its rates on March 4 – and it did the same thing on January 5 and 6, other key dates for QAnon, reports Forbes.

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