Brits to bask in 17C sunshine as Super Saturday sees parks and pub beer gardens packed on first weekend of freedom

Brits are set to bask in 17C sunshine as they pack beer gardens and enjoy a taste of weekend freedom for the first time in months.

Millions will flock to newly-reopened bars and shops this weekend as well as pack parks and beaches to enjoy the spring sunshine.

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The Met Office has said temperatures could reach 17C by the end of the weekend before peaking on Monday.

Met Office forecaster Grahame Madge said: "A signal for more settled weather is when an area of high pressure begins to develop.

"But it all rests on where the centre of the high pressure falls.]

"If it's Norway then as air circulates we will get air from the south which is warmer.

"We would say the indication is it's likely to be around average for April but it's likely the temperature would pick up.

"Mid 16C, possibly 17C is in the realms of possibility for London."

Pubs, restaurants and cafes reopened serving food and drinks on Monday as Brits got to enjoy their local haunts for the first time since the latest national lockdown was introduced in January. 

The Rule of Six, table service and staying outdoors are all mandatory.

Thankfully, a "substantial meal" is no longer necessary to accompany your pint.

The Met Office says to expect highs of up to 15C across the country, with parts of the North and Scotland creeping beyond that a degree or two.

Thankfully, for the 30 attending Prince Philip's funeral, wind and rain are also off the cards for the weekend, apart from a cluster in Northern Ireland.

Despite balmy days expected to continue into next week, temperatures could plummet down to -5C or -6C at night, particularly in the South East, following the recent overnight cold pattern of frost.

But the Met Office added that during the day long spells of sunshine will make it feel warmer and it's set to stay it beginning of next week

According to the charts, Scotland and the North-East of England will see a 6C increase compared to usual temperatures for late April.

By April 27, the weather is set to get even hotter with temperatures of 18C in the South East.

The Met Office's long-range forecast for April 19 to 28, the outbreaks of rain will subside before the dry spells hit the country.

"Cloudy and breezy across Northern Ireland and Scotland with outbreaks of rain through Monday, later spreading briefly to Wales, the South West and Northern England," forecasters have said.

BBC forecasters said the end of this month and the start of May is set to be characterised by warmer, more settled conditions.

They said: "The tail end of April and first part of May will be at the mercy of high pressure that should often find itself to the north or west, and low pressure to the south near Spain.

"The UK will be caught between these two large-scale pressure systems, so we will likely continue to see changeable weather.


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