Boy, 15, who lured pal, 12, into woods and tried to decapitate him two days before birthday is jailed for 16 years

A TEEN boy who lured his pal into the woods and tried to behead him in a "savage" murder two days before his 13th birthday has been jailed for life.

Roberts Buncis was knifed in the neck, chest and abdomen more than 70 times by his 15-year-old killer, who believed he was a "snitch".

The teen monster, who can't legally be named, attempted to decapitate his young victim and remove his right hand or fingers.

He then messaged pals after the grim attack, saying: "It wasn't meant to go down like this".

Roberts was discovered in Fishtoft, near Boston, Lincs, on December 12 last year with the tip of the knife still embedded in his skull.

The killer was today jailed for life with a minimum of at least 16 years and 36 days after being convicted of murder at Lincoln Crown Court.

An emotional victim impact statement from Roberts' dad Edgars was read to the court today.

He said: "How do I put into words how I feel? This is all wrong. No father should ever have to bury his son.

"I have lost my destination, my purpose.

"My life is in the cemetery.

"I feel empty, nothing will change this."

Jurors were told the boy, who admitted manslaughter midway through his trial, had lured his pal to the village green two days before his 13th birthday.

He said he met up with Roberts to hand over a stash of drugs for him to sell but they began arguing when he did not receive the £50 payment he was expecting.

The teen claimed Roberts pulled the knife on him – causing him to "lose control".

He said he remembered stabbing his friend once in the neck but didn't recall the 70 other blows Roberts suffered.

Following the "brutal, prolonged attack", the boy ran home and attempted to hide the knife and burn the clothes and gloves he was wearing.


Roberts – originally from Latvia – was discovered the next morning by a horrified local with 22 different groups of injuries.

A pathologist said he had a "gaping wound" across the front of his neck and attempts had been made to amputate his hand.

Police searching the killer's home found a knife under a plant pot that had Roberts' blood on it.

A partially burnt Nike top was also found with latex gloves in the pocket.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Myszczyszyn, of East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: “Roberts should have had his life ahead of him but his future was stolen in the most brutal way.

“This was an utterly senseless act with devastating consequences. It’s a tragedy that deeply affected the school and the local community, and one that will stay with all of us for a lifetime. The level of violence, and that it involved children, makes it all the more difficult to comprehend.

“There could be no stronger message than this on the potential devastation that carrying a knife can bring.

"Please think of Roberts, remember him, and make the right choices. If you, as a parent or a child, have any concerns about knives, please talk to us. We can all play a part in building a future free of such unnecessary and tragic loss of life.”

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