Biden admin has released more than 62,000 illegal immigrants into US in 1st 4 months – compared to 65 in Trump's final 4

THE Biden administration has released more than 62,000 immigrants into the US in its first four months compared to 65 released by the Trump White House in his final four. 

Tens of thousands of people who illegally crossed the US border have been discharged, with some not given a date on which they are to appear in court. 

It is the first time that an administration has allowed for migrants to be released without a court date, the Washington Examiner reports. 

According to figures released by Customs and Border Protection, only 18 migrants were issued with a humanitarian release in December 2020, Trump’s last full month in office. 

Numbers had remained low during the coronavirus pandemic with the highest number released in September. 

This still only totaled to 19 migrants released, compared to the tens of thousands now being let go. 

Even before the pandemic hit, the numbers released by the Trump administration had remained below 100. 

The highest was 92 migrants given a humanitarian release in February 2020. 

After Biden was inaugurated in January, this number increased dramatically to more than 1,300 in one month. 

It was more than six times higher by Biden’s first full month in office, climbing to 8,798 in February 2021. 

And the figures grew even higher, more than doubling again between February and March to 26,103. 

The increase had stalled by April but still remained in the tens of thousands with 26,098 migrants issued with a humanitarian release. 

Historically, more migrants attempt to make the border crossing during the spring than in the summer or winter months due to weather conditions. 

In total, there have so far been 62,320 migrants given a humanitarian release by the Biden administration.  

It comes as Biden continues to be slammed for his failure to deal with the current crisis along the border. 

He had tapped Vice President Kamala Harris as his border czar earlier this year but she has also faced backlash over the failure to address the issue. 

Republicans have repeatedly called on Harris to visit the border but she has not done so, despite traveling through many US states since her appointment. 

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Biden’s administration is beginning construction again on Trump’s highly criticized border wall after local residents and politicians have called for a stop to the increased risk of flooding. 

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will restart building on a 13.4 mile stretch in the Rio Grande Valley, Fox News reported. 

Repairs are supposed to start within the next six weeks.

Within six to nine months, the USACE would then establish a concrete levee wall with additional flood protection.

The corps clarified the wall will not be expanded but will only help prevent flooding within the Rio Grande.

"Wall construction remains paused to extent permitted by law," the USACE stated on Twitter. "This remediation work will not involve expanding border barrier."

Biden is facing the worst migrant crisis at the southern border in decades. 

The Customs and Border Protection had over 178,000 migrant encounters in April 2021, the highest total in a month in two decades.

Despite the shocking surge of illegal migrants crossing the southern border, Biden is pressing ahead with an immigration bill that is set to pave the way for 2.5million undocumented migrants to gain US citizenship.

The American Dream and Promise Act, which was passed 228-197 with nine Republican votes in March, is a key priority for his administration.

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