AOC accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of NEVER reading Bible as she says Covid's man-made & God wouldn't make killer virus

CONGRESSWOMAN Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused Marjorie Taylor Greene of never reading the Bible after the Republican lawmaker claimed Covid must be man-made.

The socialist's comments come after the GOP Rep. said the virus is a bioweapon and claimed God wouldn’t create a fatal illness that kills people.

AOC tweeted: “Tell me you’ve never read the Bible without telling me you’ve never read the Bible.”

Taylor Greene told commentator Steve Bannon last week: "I don't believe in that type of so-called science.

"Why is there any need to create a virus that could spread rapidly through a population, make people sick and kill them? That’s a bioweapon.

"So we need to be very clear about what was the intent of Covid-19 and these viruses that they experiment with like some sort of Dr Frankenstein experiments."

The Republican congresswoman is a prominent critic of Biden's coronavirus chief Dr Anthony Fauci and has called for him to be dismissed.

She previously compared the expert to “Dr. Frankenstein” and likened his response to Victor Frankenstein’s fictional experiments – which saw the scientist create a monster in the 19th-century novel.

Taylor Greene said: “Dr Anthony Fauci repeatedly lied and must be fired and investigated. His Dr Frankenstein experiments are evil.

“The only way to clean up America is to get rid of those in government that think they can play God and use the government like some sort of church."

Fauci has been under fire after leaked emails revealed that over $800,000 of US funding went to the Wuhan lab at the center of the Covid lab-leak theory.

He initially denied that any US cash went towards "gain of function" research – a practice that involves taking a virus and making it either more transmissible or pathogenic.

But he later admitted that he couldn't be certain that scientists at the lab kept their word and avoided using US funding to conduct so-called “gain-of-function” research.

The boffin has drastically altered his stance on the origins of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Fauci told National Geographic last May that he thought the virus was naturally occurring and said there was "no evidence" that the bug originated in a Chinese laboratory.

Yet, last month he said the lab leak theory "may have weight" and couldn't be ruled out.

Taylor Greene was slammed by both Republicans and Democrats after she compared Covid mask mandates to the Holocaust.

She said forcing masks or vaccines was like forcing Jewish people to wear stars in Nazi Germany.

After receiving a barrage of criticism, she told reporters on Monday: "I'm truly sorry for the offending remarks about the Holocaust."

The latest Twitter spat between the lawmakers comes just weeks after Taylor Greene branded AOC a "terrorist" and blamed her for attacks on Jews in New York.

AOC wrote: "We will never, ever tolerate anti-Semitism here in NY or anywhere in the world. The recent surge in attacks is horrifying. We stand with our Jewish communities in condemning this violence."

The Republican responded: "AOC you’re responsible for attacks on Jewish people bc of your hate-Israel stance against Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorists Hamas, calling Israel an apartheid state, & supporting terrorist groups (sic).

"Aligning yourself with terrorists means your a terrorist (sic)."

On May 12, AOC was accosted by Greene outside the House chambers.

The GOP lawmaker asked why the far-left politician supported "Antifa" and the Black Lives Matter movement.

She alleged that AOC "didn't care" about the American people and accused the congresswoman of supporting terrorists and Antifa.

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