Angry mom blasts slow pace of rescue efforts at Florida building collapse

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The distraught mother of a 26-year-old woman missing in the Miami Beach condo collapse slammed officials for not doing more to rescue the victims — claiming they’d failed to take advantage of international help, video shows.

“It impossible that in four days nobody has emerged dead or alive,” the emotional mom insisted after accusing local officials of breaking promises to let Israeli rescue crews aide in the search for victims at Champlain Towers.

“Imagine if your children were in there,” she said, her voice breaking.

“My daughter is 26-years-old, in perfect health, she could make it out of there. Four days have gone by,” the mother said, adding, “Red tape is not important when my daughter is dying.”

The mom begged Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for answers, claiming it was in his power to let Israeli crews into the site to help, and that they were being kept out.

“I was promised yesterday that the Israeli team was being let in, what is the reason? When will they be there? You promised us, Governor, it’s in your control,” she said. “I want an answer, not a Band-Aid, not a Tylenol, not someone to assuage my pain.”

Other family members said they had been eating lunch with sidelined rescue crews sent from Mexico, who similarly weren’t allowed to participate in the rescue efforts.

DeSantis insisted the state wasn’t preventing any international crew from helping.

“They’re welcome to come. It’s an operational decision,” he said.

Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah said local crews were “just as qualified” as teams from other countries, but that the physical constraints of the debris — surrounded by other tall buildings and soft sand, along with a fire burning deep in the rubble, creating smoke — limited the number of rescuers who could be at the site.

When Jadallah promised to “look into” the woman’s claims, she spat back, “Stop looking — do!”

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