Amazing pics show houseworking hounds having a ruff time doing chores

THESE houseworking hounds may look like they are having a ruff time — but they don’t mind in the leash.

The canines were collared into doing their chores by owner Linda Kush, 63.

She often takes funny pics of vizslas Reka and Roxie and weimaraner Riley for their fans on social media.

And she made the most of it when Pet Owners’ Independence Day came along.

The event is meant to turn tails on lazy animals who have their humans running around after them.

Linda said: “I had them hard at work that day.

"They’re very well trained, so it doesn’t take any time at all to get them going.

“Roxie got the worst job — cleaning the toilets — and did it so well.”

But it wasn’t all hard work for the dogs.

Linda, of Missouri, USA, said: “They got to go on a hike after.”

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