Zack is back! Jenni Farley confirms that she and Zack Carpinello are back together on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Jersey Shore Family Vacation season four premiered last night and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley revealed that she and Zack Carpinello, otherwise known as “24” are back together.

During the episode, Jenni showed castmate Vinny Guadagnino around her new gym in her house.  Vinny commented how she had the whole gym to herself and Jenni said, “Yeah, just me and Zack.”

The camera zoomed in on a painting of Jenni and Zack and she admitted they were back together.  Jenni explained how he had been there for her while she was going through the backlash from Angelina’s wedding speech and she described how good he had been to her kids and said they loved him.

Jenni said the couple was giving it another shot and hoping for the best.

Jenni and 24’s history

Jenni met Zack shortly after she filed for divorce from her husband Roger Matthews in April of last year. They made their relationship official over a youtube video and Zack referred to Jenni as a “cougar” because she was nine years older than him.

During an episode of Family Vacation, Jenni discussed the relationship with her roomies and described how happy she was and how much fun they had together.  Some of the roommates had hesitations and felt Jenni jumped into the relationship too soon.

The roommates lovingly nicknamed Zack “24” to emphasize his young age and further point out the age gap between the two of them.

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24 gets handsy with Angelina

Things started to go south for Jenni and Zack after she brought him to Vegas to hang out with her roommates.

During a night out at the club, Jenni was sitting at Zack’s feet passed out after a few too many drinks.  Angelina was sitting next to him and while Jenni was right there, he started to get extremely handsy with Angelina.

Zack began rubbing her waist and her buttocks.  Angelina had also kissed him on the cheek and joked about them having a threesome.

Jenni caught wind of what had happened after the episode aired five months after the night it happened. The realization sparked an all out war on social media between Jenni and Angelina.

Jenni posted about how hurt she was that someone she called a friend and someone who claimed they loved her could do something like that behind her back.  Angelina claimed her part in it was a joke and felt Jenni should be mad at Zack for being creepy but Jenni wasn’t having it.

Jenni and Angelina eventually made amends but the conflict ended her relationship with Zack, at least for a while.

Despite the drama, nearly a year later it looks like Jenni and Zack are giving things another shot. Jenni is once again not speaking to Angelina but this time it’s due to the backlash she received after her wedding speech.

With significant others now filming with the cast, fans will be able to watch as Jenni and Zack give their relationship another try.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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