Yellowstone fans furious over divisive Jamie Dutton update ‘Doesn’t deserve Kayce’

Yellowstone: Paramount release series four trailer

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Wes Bentley will reprise his role as wayward son Jamie Dutton in the forthcoming fourth season of the hit Western series, Yellowstone. However, there are plenty of fans of the Paramount drama who believe it would be better without him, as shown by the show’s latest Instagram update.

A recent social media post from Taylor Sheridan’s popular family crime drama Yellowstone has resurrected a long-standing argument around the show’s most divisive character.

The official Instagram page for the series enraged some fans by posting a pivotal moment between outcast Jamie Dutton and his brother, Kayce (Luke Grimes).

After learning he had actually been adopted by his assumed father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Jamie feels obliged to meet with Kayce for some advice.

“I need some advice, brother,” he admits. “If I can still call you that.”

To which Kayce responds: “Til the day you die you better never call me anything else.”

The caption for the post reminded viewers the Duttons are about ‘family over everything’.

Their cryptic update has thrown doubt over popular theories that single Jamie out as the most likely culprit behind the horrific attacks on the family at the end of season three.

More importantly, the scene in question has ruffled feathers among the Yellowstone fanbase, as parts of the audience want Jamie out of the family for good.

One fan commented: “Jamie ain’t family. Waiting to see if Season 4 can change my mind.”

Hopefully season four can go some way to redeeming Jamie’s past actions.

Then again, he could be poised to become the overall villain of the series after an ominous meeting with his real father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

Another commenter warned: “Jamie, there is a trip to the train station in your future.”

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“Oh screw Jamie,” wrote another. And a third simply said: “Jamie… UGH!”

Others felt that Kayce was being too forgiving towards his adoptive brother in this moment.

“Jamie doesn’t deserve Kayce’s commitment,” claimed another Instagram user.

After season three unearthed the dark history behind his feud with his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly), more and more fans have started turning on Jamie.

A gruelling flashback revealed Beth was sterilised without her consent when Jamie neglected to tell her the abortion procedure at a nearby Indian Reservation would result in infertility.

Since then, the siblings have failed to make amends, with Beth even encouraging her brother to kill himself to make up for his past mistakes.

Could Kayce’s commitment to his brother be a sign of Jamie’s redemption in the coming season?

The fact his biological father will be taking on a bigger role in season four could be cause for concern.

He may not have been behind the attacks on his adoptive family, but season four could be about to expose even more of Jamie’s dark side when Yellowstone returns later this year.

Yellowstone season 4 will premiere in late 2021 on Paramount.

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