Will Smith: Brother Harry Used to Cry Over This Childhood Tradition

Family has always been important to Will Smith. He’s an attentive father to his children, Jaden and Willow with his wife Jada, and Trey from his first marriage. In the early days of Smith’s film career, he also brought his younger brother Harry along. 

Will brought Harry to the press junket for Independence Day with him. During the interview, having Harry nearby reminded him of a tradition they used to have together as a kid. It might have embarrassed Harry a little bit, but he’s done well for himself since. Harry Smith managed his brother’s finances and has his own company.

‘Independence Day’ brought back Will Smith’s childhood

Independence Day would be the first of many science fiction movies Will Smith would make, also including three Men in Blacks, I, Robot and I Am Legend. Asked if he was a fan of the genre, Smith recalled television series that aired in the ’60s.

“Probably my favorite of all time, I think the originals, the company was Trans Am and Trans-Lux that did all the Ultramans and The Space Giants. So just from the old days, Ive been a science fiction fan.”

How old is Harry Smith, Will Smith’s brother?

Will Smith was born in 1968 and celebrated his 50th birthday with a Grand Canyon bungee jump. Harry Smith was born in 1971 making him the younger brother. They were at the right age to watch The Space Giants together, and Harry was really invested in it.

“This is my brother, this is Harry,” Will introduced his brother to the press. “He used to cry when we couldn’t get home to watch The Space Giants. It would come on at five o’clock and our parents would have us going to gymnastics and things like that. He would sit in the car and cry if we couldn’t get home so that was our thing together.”

Science fiction through Will Smith’s life 

Sci-fi movies became the benchmark of Smith’s movie career. However, he said he did not become interested in sci-fi movies for another decade or so.

“Not really movies until Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back and E.T. and all of those,” he said. “I’m a Trekkie too.”

Having starred in movies about hostile aliens and friendly invaders, Smith has his own theories about alien life. Maybe they’re not exactly like Independence Day or Men in Black, but he believes there must be something else out there. 

“I believe that it is arrogant for we as humans to think we are the only beings that exist in this vast universe,” he said. “That’s deep, right? There’s a lot of different planets and things and unexplained occurrences and all that. There has to be something else.”

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