Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? jackpot winner reveals he's given away nearly all of his prize money

WHO Wants To Be A Millionaire? jackpot winner Donald Fear has given away almost all of his £1M prize money since winning in September.

The 58-year-old teacher wowed viewers when he became the first contestant to take home the maximum amount of cash in over a decade as he effortlessly sped through the questions.

He has now revealed that he has split most of the money between his family – although he has also retired early and bought a motorhome.

Donald still lives in the same house in Telford, Shropshire – but splashed out on getting new patio doors fitted.

He has also kept his beloved Nissan Juke car, with his only extravagance loose plans to go travelling once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

The grandfather-of-three has gifted £700,000 to his loved ones, leaving him with just a small percentage of the total prize.

Donald told Metro: "I would love to do a safari holiday, go to America and go whale watching and to Australia to watch cricket", but added that his most exciting recent memory was the arrival of two grandsons last month.

The lovable ITV contestant became the hit quiz show's first jackpot winner since Ingram Wilcox's 2006 victory, and the first one ever to end the show with two lifelines left.

After the show aired in September, Donald stayed on as Head of History and Politics at the grammar school where he worked for another term – but left after second lockdown in December.

He said of the tough few weeks: "That was my hardest ever term, with the masks, social distancing and Zoom lessons."

After retiring early, big-hearted Donald has thrown himself into community work for his local table tennis club, Lilleshall Table Tennis Centre.

His work focuses on helping the elderly and disabled with "bat and chat", with the club also adding custom tables for those who battling Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cerebral palsy.

The Sun previously revealed that Donald had been bombarded with messages from old pals begging for cash after his victory was aired.

He shared at the time: "Found a really weird begging letter (20,000 euros) from France in my pigeon-hole this morning (in addition to the 20 or 30 I’ve received via DMs on here).

“There are downsides to this win!”

He later added: "Now I’ve discovered that there is a ‘spam’ folder in Messenger.

“It contains 132 messages, including ones from old friends I’d lost touch with years ago.

“We’re talking primary school in Prestwich, first year at university, etc, as well as offers to go on BBC Breakfast, Sky News breakfast programme, Radio 5 Live as well as dozens of dodgy messages.”

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