Who killed Jack Evans in The Pact? All the suspects so far…

THE PACT episode two kicked things up a gear as it was confirmed that Jack Evans was strangled to death and the police are now looking for a murderer.

Jack was not short on enemies – but four workers of his brewery are convinced they are to blame for his death after a prank gone horribly wrong.

Now there's a murder investigation, it's more important than ever that the girls stick to their pact of keeping quiet – or they could be put in the frame for something they didn't do.

But is one of the main ladies harbouring a much more sinister secret than the others?

As the drama continues on BBC One, we've listed out who could potentially be the culprit behind the crime.

Here's our list of suspects so far…

Anna (Laura Fraser)

Anna is the person in the know when it comes to the investigation seeing as her husband is a policeman.

It's through him the ladies have been able to be one step ahead.

But can she actually be the person that dealt the killer blow?

Louie (Eiry Thomas)

Louie has familial ties to Jack as his aunt – not that he treated her with any kind of respect as a result.

They even got in a row at the party for his reckless drug use and frivolous spending of the family cash.

Did she perhaps, in a moment of blind panic, kill him off to protect herself, and maybe even get her hands on the business?

After all, she's struggling while he's been bragging about his life of luxury.

Tish (Abbie Hearn)

If anyone has the most obvious reason to kill Jack, it's Tish. After all, he attempted to sexually assault her that night, and now she has a vicious bite mark to prove it.

Saved by the girls, it appeared that she was left there while they dealt with him, but maybe curiosity got the better of her and she followed them into the woods.

Cat (Heledd Gwyn)

Let's face it, the whole prank in the first place was mainly Cat's idea, and after seeing him attack Tish she could be feeling quite righteous.

We know she's currently on probation, but she was also there snapping photos of Jack in his trousers-down state and seemed hellbent on revenge on him.

Did she take things too far without the others realising?

Mandy (Sophie Melville)

Stuck-up Mandy is not anyone's friend when it comes to the brewery, and she has been relentless in her pursuit of a promotion.

Perhaps in his coked-out state, Jack told her that her new supervisor position wasn't actually earned, or he wanted something in return for the bump up the ladder.

Would certainly explain killing someone in a fit of rage…

Like her grandma said: "Life's a competition."

Nancy (Julie Hesmondhalgh)

Nancy is the person that has forced the girls to keep quiet about what happened, while others wanted to go to the police.

As the driver of the evening, she quickly ducked away after they left Jack in the woods, and if he sprung himself on her, she'd have every right to attack.

There's definitely something suspicious about her behaviour, but we can't figure out quite what it is yet.

Arwel (Eddie Marsan)

We'll admit we didn't even consider Arwel as a possible suspect, seeing as he was a late arrival episode one and apparently nowhere near the party.

But then his behaviour was nothing if not weird during episode two, and we can't help but think he's up to something.

Burning his son's belongings – including a laptop, diary and books – isn't exactly helping the investigation into his son's killer.

Could he have done it after years of disappointment from his son?

The Pact is available in full now on BBC iPlayer and continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One.

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