What time and channel is Brassic series 2 on tonight?

BRASSIC season two, Sky One's hit comedy series starring Michelle Keegan, begins TONIGHT (May 7).

The new series will see the old cast return plus some new faces.

What time is Brassic series 2 on and what channel?

Brassic will be returning to our screens on Sky One TONIGHT at 10pm.

There will be 6 episodes in total.

What happened in series 1?

Series 1 was so successful that it got a further two series commissioned before the second even aired.

The show follows Vinnie who has bipolar disorder and his friends who have a secret weed farm.

The boys get into trouble throughout the series and take part in criminal activity.

When Erin asks Vinnie to help her find money for a friend's funeral, he gets the boys to rob the local strip club.

Halfway through the series Vinnie's friend Ash is drugged in a boxing fight by his opponent, sending him to hospital.

Vinnie decides to continue the fight in his friend's honour, but ends up in hospital too – these are just some of the antics the boys get up to in series 1.

The big shock comes when Vinnie's in hospital and Erin reveals to him that her baby is his child – they had a drunken one-night stand, and now she is in a relationship with Vinnie's friend Dylan.

As well as that revelation, Vinnie has to deal with his debt to local gangster Terence.

Meanwhile, Erin discovers she's pregnant with Dylan's baby but secretly has it aborted – though Dylan later finds out and they row before Erin's final college exam.

Her older brother then turns up on the run from prison.

Vinnie, trying to get out of his own mess, fakes his death to get Terence off his back – the series ends with a call revealing that Terence doesn't believe he's dead.

Will Michelle Keegan be in Brassic season 2?

Rest assured, Michelle Keegan will be reprising her role as single mum Erin.

Her on-off relationship with Dylan will continue too.

She recently took part in a Q&A about the show – that her dog's barking hijacked.

Who's in the series 2 cast?

Fans will be pleased to hear the original cast will be returning, along with some new additions.

Returning cast includes:

  • Joseph Gilgun, who also co-wrote the script, returns as Vinnie
  • Michelle Keegan as Erin
  • Damien Molony as Dylan
  • Aaron Heffernan as Ashley
  • Ryan Sampson as Tommo
  • Tom Hanson as Cardi
  • Parth Thakerar as JJ

The new cast will include John Thomson who starred in Cold Feet and Bill Paterson who's most recently known for his role in Fleabag.

Where is series 2 filmed?

While the show is set in a fictional setting out in Lancashire, Brassic was actually filmed in the Lancashire town of Bacup.

During series one filming an onlooker described what a chaotic scene it was to see an actress filming for a TV show out in Bacup, explaining how “it’s not something that you really see.”

“There were quite a few people including myself watching and it was causing a bit of traffic problems as people kept stopping. Michelle Keegan was there surrounded by security guards and there was a Mercedes van ready to take her away when she was done."

The setting for the shack that Vinnie calls home was reportedly filmed in the area of Bolton.

Most importantly, however, is the gang’s local pub, which is located in Manchester, was filmed in The Star and Garter near Manchester Piccadilly station.

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