Wayne Amazon cast: Who is in the cast of Wayne?

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Wayne is a new series coming to Prime Video and some may be familiar with the title, as it originally aired on YouTube Premium before it was cancelled in August 2019. The series is set in Massachusetts and it sees Wayne trying to claim back his dad’s car which was stolen from him before he died. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about who is in the cast of Wayne.

Who is in the cast of Wayne?

Wayne – Mark McKenna

Wayne is the titular protagonist in the series and he feels a need to right the world of its wrongdoings following the death of his father.

He is considered an outcast by some, but he ends up befriending a schoolgirl called Del, and together they take on the world to claim what belongs to him.

His dad’s 1979 Pontiac Trans Am was stolen from him and he and Del join forces on a road trip to track down the car.

Wayne is played by Mark McKenna – a 24-year-old Irish actor who is known for his role in Sing Street. The star is also a singer and he fronts the band Milk.

In November 2019 he accepted the main role in NBC’s One of Us Is Lying, which is due to air in the near future.

The star is on Instagram and he shared the trailer for the new series with the message: “If we get enough views there is a POSSIBILITY of a second season which would be cool. So this is me shamelessly begging you to watch WAYNE.”

Fans who have already watched the series on YouTube have been singing its praises, with one commenting: “Wayne has been on my top 3 shows ever since it came out on YouTube, and honestly I’m so glad Amazon Prime is giving the show another chance to get the attention it deserves!”

Del – Ciara Bravo

Del is the second of the show’s protagonists who ends up becoming Wayne’s love interest on their roadtrip.

In the trailer she thinks Wayne is “weird” at first, but realising he is just as much of an outcast as her, she joins him on his mission to retrieve the stolen car.

Her family is not keen on her dating Wayne, and her father is seen in the trailer giving Wayne a lot of abuse for seeing his daughter.

They later share a kiss as Del realises she finally has someone else in her life who cares about her.

Her character is played by Ciara Bravo, a 23-year-old actress who has previously starred in Big Time Rush and Red Band Society.

In an interview with Bonnie Laufer Krebs in 2019 she said: “Once you are given the freedom to curse and kick and scream without any reprimanding it is very easy to adjust to that way of life.

“It’s very freeing so playing Del was a great experience, I definitely won’t be like that in day to day life but I learned a lot from her.”

Brother Carl and brother Teddy – Jon Champagne and Jamie Champagne

Carl and his sibling Teddy bring the comedic relief to this series as they play the brothers of Del.

In the trailer they are seen beating up Wayne for dating their sister, but they soon get their comeuppance when Wayne stands up to them.

Once the brothers realise Del has run away with Wayne on their mission, they quickly head off in pursuit.

The brothers are played by real-life siblings, Jon and Jamie Champagne, who own a joint Twitter account called There Is Two Of Me.

The Canadian actors and comedians have both starred in Let It Snow and Spinning Out, and they are considered the ultimate double act.

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Orlando – Joshua J. Williams

Orlando Hikes is Wayne’s best friend, whom Wayne saves from getting attacked by bullies at school.

But Orlando’s friendship does not seem to be enough for Wayne, who will not achieve a sense of fulfilment in life until he has punished everyone in the world for their wrongdoings.

His character is played by Joshua J. Williams, who has previously starred in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Mudbound and Quarry.

Ahead of the release of the series on Prime Video, he said: “If you haven’t seen Wayne, it’s a pretty ridiculous show. It’s funny, it’s hilarious.

“It has love, it has comedy, it has action, it has everything you want in a show. So make sure you guys tune in for that on November 6.”

Officer Jay – James Earl

Officer Jay earns the nickname ‘Cop a Soup’ in the series, and he is part of the Brockton police department who attempts to chase Wayne and Del.

His character is played by James Earl, who is known for his roles in Brews Brothers, Scream Queens and Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life.

Stephen Kearin will also be starring as Sergeant Stephen Geller, as well as Francesco Antonio as Reggie and Mike O’Malley as Principal Tom Cole.

The series was produced by the creators of Deadpool, so fans can guarantee plenty of violence, action and laughs.

Fans are already excited to see the series hit the streaming platform, with one saying on Twitter: “Yes!!!!!!!!! So happy more people are going to get to see #Wayne now that’s it’s coming to @PrimeVideo. My show of the year so far and a favourite of our show. Hope you all enjoy.”

Wayne airs on Amazon Prime Video on November 6

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