'WandaVision': People Aren't Convinced Vision Will Survive the Series

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, is one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet in the movies, she’s barely had the chance to show off just how powerful she really is. In the comics, she has the power to warp reality, and that may be what’s going to happen in WandaVision.

The show, which features Wanda as well as her boyfriend, Vision, doesn’t really make sense since Vision was killed by Thanos in Infinity War. While there are many possible explanations for why Vision is alive in the show, some fans think that Wanda has revived him for good. That being said, many Marvel fans are convinced that Vision is dead, and he won’t survive the series.

The case for Vision surviving the series

This is arguably one of the more popular theories, as Vision is a beloved character who many thought died too soon in the MCU. And, like Marvel fans discussed on Reddit, there are many theories for how Vision can survive the show. These theories can be broken into two camps. On one side, fans think that Vision will come back with minimal struggle, and on the other, fans think that Vision will come back after a lot of struggles. 

And, in terms of the theories that involve a minimal amount of struggle, many fans are looking at the comic books for ideas. In one of the more popular comics about Wanda, she is able to control reality, and with that power, she can simply revive Vision as if nothing had changed. But of course, that may be too easy, and Marvel may decide to add more dramatic elements to spruce things up.

The case for Vision coming back after a long fight

In the other camp, many fans think that Vision will ultimately survive the show, but it won’t be easy. There are several popular theories in this camp, according to Marvel fans, and many of them involve future movies in the MCU. A popular theory in this camp involves Vision coming back, but in the process, damaging the multiverse. 

Since Marvel fans know that the multiverse will be a plot element in future movies such as the next Doctor Strange solo film, fans think that Vision damaging the multiverse could be a good way to build up to those eventual movies. While theories involving the multiverse are the more popular ones, they aren’t the only theories in this camp.

For example, it’s also possible that Vision will come back, but he’ll be a radically different person than before. 

The case for Vision staying dead

Like the theories where Vision survives, there are many fan theories for why Vision should stay dead instead. Off the bat, like one Marvel fan said, it ultimately “depends on what the moral of WandaVision is going to be.” If Marvel wants to tell a story about how Wanda is dealing with her grief over Vision’s death, then it wouldn’t make sense if, by the end of the show, he magically comes back alive. 

Another popular theory references a more dark and depressing comic. In that comic, Wanda deals with her grief by becoming “catatonic,” while Vision stays dead. It’s possible that Marvel goes in this direction, but given the generally upbeat nature of the MCU, this isn’t too likely.

However, another possible theory about how WandaVision will end is that, rather than involving the multiverse or Wanda’s powers, Vision is simply a figment of Wanda’s imagination. While this theory is certainly possible, it doesn’t seem very plausible since it wouldn’t help the show tie into the future of the MCU very much. 

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