Vogue Williams red-faced as she admits shes posher than hubby Spencer Matthews

Vogue Williams insisted it’s her husband, Made In Chelsea star Spencer who is the posh one out of the two of them.

The television presenter and model was quizzed on Channel 4’s programme, Steph’s Packed Lunch.

She received a grilling from fellow guest Marcus Brigstocke about her posh credentials.

Vogue burst out laughing when she saw the animation they’d made of her, with a cartoon crown alongside a fancy chandelier.

Question number one was: “Do you have membership to any private member's club?”, to which Vogue answered yes.

She was then asked “Do you refer to the toilet as the loo?”

The 35-year-old was adamant in her answer: “no, it’s the toilet! Spencer says loo.”

Marcus then asked if she wears tweed and she responded: “No, but Spenny has a whole tweed outfit. He’s got tweed underpants, they get a little bit itchy so he doesn’t wear them every day.”

“And corduroy socks?” joked Marcus.

The questioning continued with Vogue being asked: “Have you ever had your dinner parties professionally catered?”

She looked sheepish and admitted yes, saying “Maybe I am posh!”

Marcus laughed: “I hate to break this to you, but you’re definitely posh! Do you know any latin phrases?”

“No, but Spencer does” insisted the mother-of-two.

Viewers were quick to side with Vogue, tweeting the show about the questions.

One said: “God alone knows why you are taking the mick out of Vogue for being POSH! Live would be excessively boring if everyone was a chav! I actually quite like the fact that people are different and have no qualms about being called Posh!”

Another added: “Those questions to determine whether someone is 'posh' seemed more likely to identify those with far too much money.”

Someone else joked: “Does Just Eat count as an outside caterer?”

Vogue and Made In Chelsea star spencer tied the knot in 2018, and have two children together.

They have a 2 year-old-son, Theodore, and welcomed a new baby girl, Gigi Margaux in July of last year.

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