Vikings: Will Cnut the Great appear in Vikings season 6, part B?

Vikings season six will be the final series of the epic historical drama. Fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s return and are speculating who will appear in the upcoming 10 episodes. has everything you need to know about Cnut the Great, the King of Denmark.

Will Cnut the Great appear in Vikings season 6, part B?

Cnut the Great, was the King of Denmark, England and Norway during the Viking Age.

His reign began in 1016 and ended upon his death in 1035.

At the moment, it remains unknown if he will appear in the final 10 episodes.

However, if show creator Michael Hirst sticks to the history books, there is a chance he could make an appearance.

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Hirst has blended historical fact with fiction to tell the story of Vikings and many of the show’s characters are based on real Viking figures.

Cnut Sweynsson, also known as Cnut the Great, or Canute, ruled from 1016 until 1035, which is within the time frame of the History series Vikings.

The sixth and final series will conclude toward the end of the Viking Age, which ended in 1066 after the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Canute (played by Connor Rogers) has already briefly appeared in Viking season six, part A.

In the series, Canute was portrayed as the former steward to King Olaf in Norway, who had taken Harald Finehair (Peter Franzén) prisoner.

In episode three, Harald asked Canute: “What can I offer you to set me free?”

Canute responded: “I’ve always wanted to be a king.”

The real Canute did become the infamous Cnut the Great, King of the North Sea so there is always the possibility he could become an important character in the remaining 10 episodes.


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Who is Cnut the Great?

Cnut the Great was the King of Denmark, England and Norway. He reigned over what was known as the North Sea Empire.

Medieval historian, Norman Cantor in his book The Civilisation of the Middle Ages, the “most effective king in Anglo-Saxon history”.

Cnut was the son of the Danish Prince, Sweyn Forkbeard and won the throne of England in 1016. Scotland submitted to him in 1017.

According to the Peterborough Chronicle manuscript, Cnut arrived in England in September 1015, with Wessex, long ruled by the dynasty of Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) and Aethelred (Darren Cahill) submitting in 1015.

As the Danish King of England, Cnut eliminated any survivors of the Wessex dynasty. He executed Aethelred’s son Eadwig Aetheling and Edmund Ironside’s sons fled abroad.

In July 1017, Cnut wed Queen Emma, the widow of Athelred and daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy

He ascended to the Danish throne in 1018, following the death of Harald II.


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Cnut’s rule brought the crowns of England and Denmark together.

In 1028, he claimed the crown of Norway after a decade of conflict and His rival, Olaf Haraldsson conceded his throne to Cnut.

In Vikings, Canute is King Olaf of Norway’s steward but the real Canute and King Olaf did not always see eye to eye.

King Olaf took advantage of Canute’s absence in Scandinavia and launched attacks against Denmark.

However, Canute eventually defeated Olaf to become the King of Norway in 1028.

Upon Cnut’s death in November 1035, alongside the deaths of his heirs and the Norman conquest of England in 1066, his legacy as King of England was lost.

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