Vikings season 6, part 2 theories: Will Gunnhild die and go to Valhalla with Bjorn?

Vikings: Amazon Prime release trailer for final season

Ragga Ragnars stars as notorious shield maiden Gunnhild in Vikings. At the end of part one, she lost the two biggest loves of her life – Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) to Valhalla and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) to another woman. With Bjorn’s life now at risk, fans fear Gunnhild will die and go to Valhalla with Bjorn. has everything you need to know.

Will Gunnhild die and go to Valhalla with Bjorn?

The final 10 episodes of Vikings will premiere on Wednesday, December 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

As fans across the world eagerly await the arrival of Vikings season six, part two, viewers have been re-watching the show’s epic trailer looking for clues.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a split-second moment in the trailer concerning Gunnhild with many calling her fate into question.

In the trailer, Gunnhild attends a ceremony where it looks like she may be sacrificing herself to the Norse Gods.

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She is dressed in all white and walking towards the end of a pier with a crowd of Vikings behind her.

Moments before the scene appears in the trailer, Gunnhild tells Bjorn how the Vikings have already lost Ragnar and Lagertha, worrying the “golden age of Vikings is over.”

In Vikings season six, episode 11, Bjorn Ironside is gravely injured after being stabbed by his brother, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), during the battle for Kattegat.

With Bjorn clinging on to life, fans fear he will die, with Gunnhild joining him on the journey to Valhalla.

In Valhalla, Gunnhild will be reunited with her close friend Lagertha, who was killed by Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), Ragnar’s son, in-season six part one.

One Vikings fan shared their theory on Reddit, pointing to clues in the show’s soundtrack.

They wrote: “I think Bjorn will die especially that there’s a soundtrack titled Harald marries Ingrid and Gunhild but there’s a BTS of Gunhild standing alone on a boat and another music titled Gunhild swims to Valhalla so I think she would take her own life after marrying Harald.”

A second user, New-Abbreviations442 said on Reddit: “I think Bjorn dies after the conflict with the Rus is resolved, and Harald [Peter Franzén] marries his wives.

“If you pause the trailer and take a close look at that scene with Gunnhild wearing white, you can see Harald and Ingrid [Lucy Martin] behind her.

“I think that’s their wedding, not Bjorn’s funeral. Gunnhild kills herself at the wedding.”

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A third user, Andersn_ shared: “Björn dies, Gunnhild sacrifices herself and goes with him just like the Gyda [Emma Willis] chick went with Lagertha.”

If Vikings creator Michael Hirst decides to stick to the history books, Gunnhild will not sacrifice herself tor the Norse Gods.

According to the Icelandic sagas she was actually exiled to Denmark.

In the Jomsvikinga saga, Gunnhild was killed in Denmark in 977 at the orders of King Harald, and she was drowned in a bog.

In Vikings season six, Bjorn Ironside had an affair with Kattegat citizen, Ingrid (Lucy Martin), devasting Gunnhild who was pregnant with his child.

In a twist nobody saw coming, Gunnhild suggested Bjorn and Ingrid marry and the trio could live together in harmony.

Bjorn’s unlikely ally in the sixth series, King Harald (Peter Franzén) expressed his feelings for Gunnhild and offered her the crown of Norway if they were victorious against the Rus Vikings.

Harald and Gunnhild do have a history together and he was openly jealous of her and Bjorn’s relationship in Vikings season five.

Harald’s interest in Gunnhild led to increased tension between him and Bjorn, sparking a fight between them when they arrived in Norway.

Gunnhild even had to step in and break up the fight, instructing them to focus on taking Kattegat from Ivar the Boneless.

However, in the end, she chose to marry Bjorn, leaving Harald heartbroken.

Fans will have to wait for the final 10 episodes of Vikings to arrive to find out if Gunnhild will survive.

Vikings season 6, part 2 premieres Wednesday, December 30 on Amazon Prime Video

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