Viewers respond to Sunday Brunch line up as Madness Suggs is guest National treasure

Sunday Brunch: Tim says he’s ‘worried’ about time

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Presenters Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy were joined on the Channel 4 chat show Sunday Brunch by singing legend Suggs, who fronted Madness. Gardeners Paul Anderton and Robin Daly, who were talking viewers through ways to easily grow herbs and salad items, also joined. But they hadn’t finished demonstrating when they were interrupted and forced to speed up.

Suggs was interviewed about an upcoming tour for Maddness.

Viewers were quick to react to the famous face. Taking to Twitter, one said: “Love Suggs,” while another commented: “Good Morning Suggs.”

Others thought he looked a bit bored, with one writing: “How bored does sugsy look lol.”

One viewer said: “Suggs is a national treasure.”

Later, two gardeners were being interview. Introducing themselves on the show, Paul explained: “Robin and I met years ago and stayed good friends since then but Robin put his name down for an allotment in Bow and that took about eight years to come through.

“And when it did we started working on the allotment together and we set up an Instagram account called Two Dirty Boys and started to share all of our failures I guess – mostly and things that we’ve grown and that’s where all of this came about.”

The pair were talking viewers through how to grow lettuce, avocado, beetroot and more.

But as they were speaking, Tim cut in to say: “Paul I’m worried we’re going to run out of time so if you want to do the beetroot you’re going to have to do this really fast, like in 10 seconds.”

Paul carried on explaining how an avocado pit can be used to grow more of the popular fruits

He advised piercing the seed with toothpicks, explaining: “This will allow it to be suspended above water which is really important.

“Then pop this into the glass -” Tim broke in again, asking: “Just to conclude, this it takes 15 years to grow and there’s no guarantee of an avocado at the end of it, is that right?”

Robin answered: “Yes, unless you’ve got an orangery big enough for a 20 metre high tree you’re not going to get an avocado probably… but give it a go, why not?”

Sunday Brunch: Simon Rimmer's pan catches on fire

“Robin I’m really sorry but you’ve only got a minute to quickly tell us about beetroot,” Tim said.

“Which looks great, so can you try that?” “Yes,” Robin answered.

“This is one of the really quick ones as well, so we’re going to literally chop off the top centimetre and pop it in some water and it grows from this in a couple of days,” he showed a small plant – “to this in a week of two.”

He showed the final product of large leaves to use and said: “You cut that off and it’s a beautiful and delicious salad accompaniment.”

“That’s really nice what you’re doing is you’re using the leaves not re-growing the beetroot?” Tim asked.

“Yes you won’t re-grow a beetroot, you can plant it into compost and it will flower into and you can get the seeds and re-grown that way, but you’ll never re-grow a beetroot from cutting off the actual root.”

“Brilliant, fantastic thanks guys,” Tim concluded. He added: “By the way if you want avocado hands, if you cut it width ways rather than length ways you can squeeze the pip out and you don’t have to cut your hand – there you go.”

Viewers quickly responded to what they deemed an “awkward” interview.

One said on Twitter: “So so painful to watch #sundaybrunch.”

Another said: “#SundayBrunch is full of filler, yet they always seem to harp on about running out of time. Why don’t they just allocate more time for their guests instead of talking about biscuits?”

“Running out of time on a 3 hr show. …. #SundayBrunch,” another added.

But it didn’t stop other viewers enjoying the Sunday morning show.

One person said: “I have been growing avocado for years I have 3 on the go at the moment. I also have apple pips orange pips all growing plus peppers and chilli . I will have to try the lettuce.”

Another wrote: “@SundayBrunchC4  You’re on fire this morning, brilliant telly.”

Sunday Brunch airs weekly at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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