TV star blasts Matt Hancock for having moral compass in the toilet

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    Nicola McLean has blasted Matt Hancock for going in the I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! jungle.

    The former Page 3 icon has revealed exactly what she thinks of Matt during an exclusive live chat with the Daily Star.

    She ranted: "I don't think he should be monetising over his position, I really don't. Through Covid, I was lucky I didn't lose anyone due to Covid.

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    "It was shocking, people would have been through such horrible times. We all social distanced, he wasn't social distancing when he was having an affair was he."

    "I'm not a fan of Matt either, how about we don't vote him for the trials to not give him the airtime or something to do really horrible things – we have to be smart about this guys."

    Matt will also be exempted from some trials – as he has revealed to ITV producers that he suffers from trench foot.

    Nicola added: "That's another thing that annoyed me, a few people in my year were exempt and it's like if you can't do everything you shouldn't really be in there or at least just one or two things really. But could just wangle it and be exempt from things you really don't like."

    But how does she think he will react to being grilled by other contestants?

    She added: "Politicians are so good at not answering a question, aren't they? You know I bet he will come out alright guy but I think his moral compass is in the toilet.

    "People like Charlene White won't let him get away with it as she feels so passionately about the way he behaved during Covid so I think he will really grill him but I think he will probably wangle his way out of answering the question."

    Nicola also revealed how she thinks she's rumbled Owen Warner's gameplan.

    She said: "Let's see if Owen really does keep on coming out with these one-liners or he's trying to play the dumb card."

    Talking about his reference to Scarlette Douglas, she added: "Don't get me wrong, he's probably never watched A Place in the Sun but surely but the sentence of she's from A Place in the Sun you would realise…"

    "If he does maybe it will be really funny but Joey Essex is like that, but he's genuinely like that, if he does I'll say that's a bit of game plan but we will see in the week.

    I'm A Celeb airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV

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