Trevor Noah Says Impeachment Presentation Is Full Of ‘Blues Clues’

Shocking, never-before-seen footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was spotlighted in the final day of Democratic prosecution of President Trump’s impeachment hearings. It showed, Trevor Noah said, “How close some Senators came to meeting the world’s worst tour group.”

Some Senators tried to blend in, Noah claimed. Mitt Romney, considered “the Mormon AOC,” was among them, he said. And he must have joined in as the insurrectionists loudly proclaimed that they were following the President’s orders in their incursion.

“Guys, come on,” Noah said. “Don’t quote Trump in the middle of the riots. You gotta play the game. Overall, these videos make it pretty obvious Trump incited the riots. Even that dog from Blues Clues is like, “I need a challenge here, guys.”


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