Trailers of the Week: 'Excuse Me, I Love You,' 'The Midnight Sky,' 'Pinocchio,' And More

The Midnight Sky

After setting out in search of a planet that could sustain human life, the crew aboard the spaceship Aether knows that they have finally found some answers. The only problem is that they’ve somehow lost contact with those on the ground back home waiting for them. On their voyage, the crew has missed out on a devastating catastrophe that has made Earth look almost as desolate as the scenes of outer space. A scientist named Augustine (George Clooney) knows that it’s up to him to warn them not to return. However, in order to reach a powerful enough satellite, he and his daughter must trek across the barren tundra. (December 23rd)

Cobra Kai, Season Three

The show’s newest season picks up 30 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, and the dojos are still fighting. Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) even gets injured badly enough to land himself in the hospital. This inspires some self-reflection for the adults, but not enough to ease tensions for good. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) tells his nemesis, “We can’t let them suffer because of our issues.” As the clip shows, there’s still plenty of martial arts combat. (January)

Excuse Me, I Love You

As we continue to go without live music, Ariana Grande delivers the next best thing. The new concert film mixes emotional behind-the-scenes moments with live footage from the star’s Sweetener world tour. These days, it may be hard to imagine the thought of being in a packed arena crowd, but these clips of Grande’s show help bring back all the thrills that come with it. (December 21st)

Finding YingYing

YingYing Zhang arrived at the University of Illinois with what seemed like only boundless opportunity before her. The 26-year-old Chinese scholar had plans to become a scientist, and later, a wife to her then-boyfriend. Her detailed journals recount the loneliness that comes with studying in a foreign country, along with her persistent optimism and faith in others. When YingYing suddenly goes missing, her family and community relentlessly seek the truth – and justice. (December 11th)


Written, directed, and starring Nick Sasso, the film blends up-close, gritty fight scenes that capture the true form of Muay Thai with an equally gripping love story. Sasso plays a retired Muay Thai fighter who now serves as a bodyguard for an alluring singer portrayed by Jessica 6 singer Nomi Ruiz. As their time together goes on – and takes the pair around the world – Sasso falls for the pop star. A trip to her family home reveals there are still some things he doesn’t know about her. (January 29th)


Tom Hiddleston returns as Loki for the all-new Disney+ series. The teaser reminds fans of where they last saw Loki: During the time-travel back to the first Avengers film in the middle of Avengers: Endgame. If that jump through time is a bit confusing, then wait ’til you see the many settings and eras that come and go in this trailer. Loki goes through quick transitions from the desert to a mysterious corporate office, to fighting among the ruins of cities to leaping out of a flying plane. (May)


Bob Odenkirk is an easy-going family man. When his suburban home is broken into, he doesn’t even confront the burglars. “You could have taken her, dad,” his son tells him. What his family doesn’t know is that underneath his cool demeanor is a long-burning rage and a past to match it. What was once dormant finally comes out in a full force of gunfire and fists when people from his old life reappear, putting his family in danger.  (February 26th)


The beloved tale gets its live-action adaptation for the big screen – without losing its trove of fantastical characters. In the new two-minute clip, we see Geppetto (Robert Benigni) marvel as his wooden puppet comes to life. While Geppetto thinks he’ll need to teach the boy simple things like walking, Pinocchio is already too quick for his own good. It’s not long before his adventures turn into misadventures, leading him to unknown places, like the belly of a whale.  (December 25th)

Riverdale, Season Five

When the previous season had gotten cut short by the pandemic, the Riverdale crew had just received some mysterious videocassettes on their doorsteps. To their horror, the tapes show masked impersonators carrying out disturbing acts of violence. Amidst the chaos, it’s also time for senior prom, which the clip teases. However, the season is set to make a big jump into the future after the prom: Seven years, to be exact. The flash-forward finds the characters out on their own but returning to their hometown – and all of its complications. (January 20th)

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