‘Torchwood’ Star John Barrowman Touches Fan Nerves With Ianto Shrine Visit

Actor John Barrowman, who portrayed Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood, has set off a Twitter frenzy with a post depicting a visit to a show landmark in Cardiff, Wales.

Barrowman posted a selfie in front of a shrine to the show’s Ianto Jones, who was Capt. Jack’s lover on the show and tragically died in his arms in a mini-series episode, Children of Earth.

On Friday, Barrowman paid an incognito visit to the impromptu shrine set up to honor the Ianto character in Cardiff, a site near where the series was filmed. The shrine is still very popular with fans 11 years after the television series death.

Torchwood, a Doctor Who spin-off that aired on BBC America in the states, was an investigative unit based in Cardiff that battled extra-terrestrial threats. It ended its run in 2011.

Barrowman recently reprised his Capt. Jack role with a guest appearance on a Doctor Who regular episode and in the New Year’s Day Special, Revolution of the Daleks.

In his tweet, Barrowman wrote, “Out for my walk and nobody knew it was me paying some respect to #Ianto Jb.” Barrowman was wearing a mask, per UK pandemic protocols, making it easier to disguise himself. He was in the UK to film an upcoming series of Dancing on Ice.

Barrowman’s post was overwhelmed with fan responses, many of them lamenting Ianto’s death and saying they are still affected by it.

Ianto died on the TV show, but actor Gareth David-Lloyd has voiced the role in numerous audiobook dramas since his television demise.

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