Tipping Point player misses out on making show history after disastrous final round

Tipping Point: Ben tells contestant she might 'make history'

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Tipping Point viewers saw the Jackpot coin and the Double coin were next to each other ahead of the final few questions, meaning both could drop in one turn. As a result, Ben Shephard was excited by the nail-biting turn of events and said history could be made on the ITV show if things go the way they were hoping. But, the machine did not pay out £10,000.

Contestant Amara was hoping to win up to £10,000 on the coin-machine styled game.

Towards the end of the show, the machine seemed to be on her side and with £2,350 already flashing in front of her, the counters dropped teasingly close to the edge, including both the Jackpot coin and the Doubles coin.

Watching the counters fall, Ben commented: “Yes, that’s good, sliding beside that silver one.”

The Jackpot then dropped, and the presenter added: “Yeah, we’re down, we’re down! That’s another two counters, so we go up to £2,450.

“We’re on the bottom shelf Amara, the double’s just hanging, waiting for the Jackpot counter.”

Amara chose to play column one again, and as more coins fell, the two all-important ones teetered on the edge together.

Ben said: “Oh my, look at it!” while Amara added: “Look at the double!”

“You’re on the bottom shelf, you’ve lined the Jackpot counter up with the double counter on the tipping point – this could be history,” Ben said.

“Oh my gosh,” Amara responded, stunned by what could happen if the two fell at once.

“But you need to get some more questions right,” Ben reminded her. If she answered the questions correctly, she could strategically choose where the next counters would fall from and hopefully get the big ones to drop.

However, the remaining categories weren’t her strongest and when Amara opted for nature, Ben asked: “The UK’s largest bird of prey is the ‘white tailed’ what?”

The options were hawk, kite and eagle, with Amara going for the latter, which was correct.


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Things made things tenser as the historic moment seemed within her grasp. “So, so close Amara!” Ben commented. “Come on now, three counters.”

Amara selected drop zone one, with Ben adding: “Could it happen? Could it go?” But unfortunately, the counter stayed upright.

“The machine doesn’t like me today,” Amara said. But Ben once again noted the potential luck she could see, adding: “I don’t know, you’ve got the Jackpot counter next to the double on the tipping point – I’ll tell you that’s pretty rare.”

But ultimately, Tipping Point history was not made. The double soon dropped along with some regular counters, adding to Amara’s total.

The machine stopped being lucky for the contestant, with counters not quite falling in the correct place.

Amara’s next question was “In 2017, Team Vogue estimated that young people take how many selfies in a lifetime?”

Torn between two options, Amara went for 15,000, but this was incorrect, with 25,000 being the right answer.

She “crossed everything” and went with sport, which she also answered incorrectly.

Amara then decided to leave with £3,050. She said: “I’m a student, I have an overdraft, that money will make all the difference.”

Ben played out what would have happened, which proved Amara’s decision to be the correct one, as the Jackpot stubbornly remained in place. “I’m so relieved!” Ben concluded.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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