This Morning’s plan to beat coronavirus chaos – crew reduction to remote filming

This Morning and other daytime shows on ITV are taking measures to ensure the coronavirus outbreak in the UK doesn't disrupt filming as much as possible.

ITV have confirmed plans to attempt to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, while stars of the show have also revealed things from behind-the-scenes.

With isolation crucial in stopping the spread of the virus, steps have been taken to limit contact between crew and show guests.

From remote location filming to simple measures in the studio, ITV have done everything they can to keep those still on the show and in the studio safe.

In a statement, ITV confirmed: "Our live Daytime output continues to evolve and contingency plans in place would allow us to air from alternative locations and in more nimble ways – such as guests appearing remotely via other studios or Skype and FaceTime.

Here are the different steps taken by the channel, after Phillip Schofield revealed the show was "holding on by the skin of their teeth".

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Reduced staff and guests in the studio

The show has reduced the amount of crew working behind the scenes to ensure as few people are there as possible.

A reduction in camera operators is one move, with less staff in the production gallery and on stand-by.

The show's make-up and hair department has also been reduced, with Loose Women's Brenda Edwards revealing they were doing everything themselves as to avoid contact.

Holly Willoughby joked about her lack of close-up shots on the show on Wednesday, with the reduced operating team being the cause.

Any guests deemed "high risk" have been advised to avoid the studio, while this week saw the fashion segment include the This Morning team instead of the usual viewers for that same reason.

Limited contact and distancing with guests

When guests have been on the show this week, hosts Holly and Phil have made an effort not to be too close to them, or spend too long with them.

Loose Women has ditched their normal live studio audience for safety measures.

Remote filming

ITV have revealed plans to use remote filming where possible, with guests and stars of their daytime shows.

From Skype and video linking and using other studios, they're relying on digital aspects to deliver the shows as normal as possible.

Whether this will continue if more restrictions come in remains to be seen.

As well as keeping distance, earlier this week Phillip confirmed self-isolation measures were taken to protect pregnant doctor Sara Kayat.

From having her own dressing room and doing her own make-up, she had limited contact with those in the studio.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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