This Morning star opens up fears they had Motor Neurone Disease: ‘I was convinced’

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While Phillip Schofield explained he had been to “dark and scary” places with his mental health, Dr Chris revealed to his This Morning co-stars his depression led him to believe he had Motor Neurone Disease. Detailing his symptoms, Dr Chris said it affected his mood but he spoke to a psychiatrist who has helped him get back to being “fighting fit”.

Holly Willoughby noted: “It’s led you to believe you might be suffering from something else and this is something, depression takes many forms and does many, many strange things to you.

“So, just explain what you went through.”

“Well, basically, in November last year I started getting physical symptoms,” Dr Chris explained.

“My muscles were feeling weak, I was dropping things, I couldn’t walk far.

“Being a doctor, I sat down and thought about these symptoms and thought, ‘My goodness, this looks like Motor Neurone Disease.’

“The disease that Stephe Hawking had. Of course, it is a very poor outlook and the symptoms are terrible.”

He continued: “This really played on my mind and I was convinced I had it.

“My mood got worse and worse. The depression came upon me.

“I’ve had depression two or three times before and the viewers know this so I saw a neurologist to sort out the muscle problem and that has actually gone and I’m fighting fit now.

“But I have also seen a psychiatrist, who treated me.

“Interestingly, he gave me one antidepressant called Mirtazapine and I wasn’t doing too well on that.

“He added another one called Venlafaxine. Now the reason I mention this, he’s given me two antidepressants and I read in one of the medical journals, that combination is known as Californian rocket Fuel would you believe it.”

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It came after Phillip told viewers: “Obviously over the next weeks I will be talking about my mental health and where my head has been.

“It is surprising how you think you have a grip on everything and suddenly your head takes you to dark and scary places.

“Loved ones can be instrumental in helping and there is no question I needed a lot of help in recent times with people who sit by the side of me right now, who helped me enormously.

“Steph, my wife at home, my girls, my family.

“Loved ones can be instrumental in helping. I know, and I realise, not everyone is as lucky as I am to have sympathetic ears to listen to or even understand how you can help just by listening.

“But the first point surely has to be reach out to the people who know you the best.

“Hopefully you can find a rock that you can tie yourself too.”

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