‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Kate, Toby, and Phillip’s Future Explained in ‘Katoby’

This week’s recap of This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 will have fans in tears. The new chapter on April 12 not only reveals how Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) officially ended their marriage, but also highlights the start of Kate and Phillip’s (Chris Geere) romance. So let’s dive into what happened — just grab some tissues first. Here’s our This Is Us recap for season 6 episode 12, “Katoby.”

[Warning: This article contains spoilers from This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12, “Katoby,” which originally aired on April 12, 2022.]

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 12 recap: Kate and Toby’s divorce

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 jumps right into the Kate and Toby drama following young Jack’s (Johnny Kincaid) accident from last week’s episode. Toby is willing to take a huge step back in his career by accepting the job in LA, and Kate wants them to go to couple’s therapy. Whatever it takes. 

At first, Toby and Kate mask their issues with their therapist, as they applaud each other’s efforts while recounting their struggles. But swallowing their true feelings only leads to resentment. 

Six months into the couple’s therapy, Kate and Toby are still having the same argument. Then at Nicky and Franny’s birthday party, Toby makes a snarky comment about Kate’s teacher salary. She breaks down in her bedroom, asking Kevin (Justin Hartley) when she will know whether it’s time to end the marriage. Kevin comforts his twin, promising her that she’ll be happy again, and she’ll know when the time comes. 

Finally, the time comes 16 months into couple’s therapy. Kate and Toby plan to have dinner alone, per their therapist’s suggestion. But one thing leads to another, and Kate and Toby end the night screaming at each other. They only stop when young Jack screams for help just so that his parents stop fighting. Now, they realize it’s over.

Kate and Toby start the divorce process, and the two try to figure out their lives separately. Toby moves into an apartment nearby, and Kate stays at the house with the kids. Then as time goes on, things get much better. But while Toby thinks it’s a sign he’s meant to be with Kate, she thinks it means they’re better apart. So they move forward with the split.

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 12, ‘Katoby,’ reveals how Kate and Phillip got together

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 showcases how Kate and Phillip got together in reverse order. But for the sake of this recap, it’ll be told chronologically. 

After Kate and Toby sign their divorce papers, Phillip invites Kate out for KTV (karaoke) in Koreatown, and their relationship grows as they sing Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” with pure joy. The new April 6 episode also shows Kate and Phillip’s first date, and the two share a special moment together as they hold hands for the first time. 

That said, the spark scares Kate, and she asks her coworker about his intentions, considering her baggage and his dating history. In response, Phillip shares that he had trouble conceiving with his ex-wife. Then when he didn’t want to try again for the fourth time, nasty words were exchanged, and she left in a cab. But a few minutes later, she was killed instantly by a drunk driver. So now, Phillip just wants to be happy, and Kate makes him happy — that’s all.

Later, episode 12 of This Is Us Season 6 shares Phillip’s sweet and simple proposal to Kate. Phillip says he knew he wanted to marry Kate when they first held hands on their first date. Then with the approval of young Jack and Hailey, Kate accepts. 

The April 12 episode also provides a brief glimpse into the Pearsons’ future at Kate and Phillip’s engagement party. Madison (Caitlin Thompson) is very pregnant with Elijah’s (Adam Korson) baby. Kevin is dating the new State Farm commercial girl, and it seems like he’s been dating a lot. Offscreen, Kevin also speaks with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), who rekindled her friendship with Kate and is now married to Grant.

Meanwhile, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is running a successful campaign for senator. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Miguel (Jon Huertas) are also doing well, although Rebecca almost forgot Phillip’s name. But everyone is all smiles as Kate starts to sing the song that “changed everything” for her relationship with Phillip — “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba.

Toby, Kate, and Phillip’s happy ending in episode 12 of ‘This Is Us’ Season 6

Although This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 closed the chapter on Kate and Toby, their story isn’t over yet. Right after signing their divorce papers, Kate tells Toby:

“This isn’t how our story ends. Just because our marriage is over, doesn’t mean our story’s over. We were meant to find each other in that weightloss group. We were meant to be together. And now, we’re meant to be apart. I know that one day, you will see it.”

At that moment, Toby promises Kate that he will “never see it.” But as “Katoby” continues, their relationship continues to grow and flourish as they co-parent. Toby even bonds with Phillip by teaching him the rules of American football before the big proposal because it’s important to Kate and her father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). Then later, Kate, Toby, and Phillip are seen spending quality time together with the kids. 

Meanwhile, This Is Us Season 6 reveals a happy ending for Toby’s love story. He bumps into a woman in a cafe, and they adorably exchange punny jokes. Then in a flash-forward, Toby sits with his partner alongside Kate and Phillip as Jack Damon (Blake Stadnik) performs at a bar in the future. 

Finally, in the last scene of the episode, Toby calls Kate on her wedding day. 

“I want you to know that I see it now,” he says.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 13 airs Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

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