This Is Going To Hurts Adam Kay on impossibly difficult NHS role Isolating

This Is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw stars in BBC trailer

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This Is Going To Hurt is airing on BBC One and the comedy-drama offers an inside look at a busy hospital ward. The series was inspired by the memoirs of Adam Kay, a doctor-turned-author, who is played by Ben Whishaw. Kay said he found working in the healthcare sector an “isolating” experience.

This Is Going To Hurt features some harrowing moments within Adam’s hospital setting.

Despite his level of professionalism and dedication to his job, he cannot escape death or trauma.

Having already lost one patient on his watch, he is determined not to let anyone else down.

His daily struggles are reflective of many real-life health workers and writer Kay spoke out about his own experiences.

He was a doctor between 2004 to 2010, working for a number of years as an obstetrics and gynaecology trainee.

Speaking to and other media he said: “When the book first came out I had lots of messages from young doctors, and some not so young doctors, saying until they read the bit in my book where I talk about this, they thought they were the only doctor who had ever cried in the locker room or in the toilets.

“The truth is every doctor finds themselves in that locker room, none of them ever talk about it.

“And that’s very isolating, on top of your bad day you are different and you are failing.

“So hopefully in showing these complicated people dealing with an almost impossibly difficult job in the only ways they can because they aren’t getting the support, I hope it’ll remind doctors and midwives and nurses and healthcare professionals as much as it teaches the rest of the people watching that it’s OK not to be alright.

“And just because you are doing an amazing job you are not a superhero, you do still have these emotional limitations.”

Adam’s series has received plenty of praise from the healthcare community as it shines a light on some home truths.

He left medicine for a career in writing, releasing his first memoir back in 2017.

With this book being such a huge success, he released Twas the Nightshift before Christmas, in October 2019.

His father was a doctor and Adam said becoming a doctor was a “default decision”.

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Adam is not the only one to have shared his experiences working on the front line.

Since watching the series, Ed Patrick, an anaesthetist, agreed it was a challenging experience.

Speaking exclusively to he said: “Clearly the show depicts Adam as a flawed character, and that adds to the drama.

“But the people are the best thing about the NHS, we are supportive of each other, especially on the shop floor.

“There are of course bad eggs in every job, but support is there. It’s the system that fails you more often than not. And you can say no to extra shifts – that’s also a bit where they took some creative license.”

The series takes place within the obstetrics and gynaecology department.

Ed is all too familiar with the stresses of the ward, particularly during recent times.

He added: “Anaesthetics has a major role to play in obstetrics, you get some hint of the involvement in the show – giving spinals, epidurals or general anaesthetics for the most urgent patients, but also dealing with emergencies, and communicating with the patient and family during awake C-sections.

“It’s been the toughest it’s ever been, the pandemic really has been a knockout blow to NHS staff and resources.

“Staff are tired and battered. Basic things still aren’t given to doctors – we have to pay to park at work, we don’t have assigned lockers. On the whole, our patients are supportive, even if the system isn’t.

“But the IT is still as old and clunky as the show depicts. I mean, we still have pagers – who else in 2022 is using them?!”

This Is Going To Hurt airs on Tuesdays on BBC One at 9pm.

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