These 10 smells can help you sell your house quicker

It’s a fairly well-known trope (thanks to the boom in early noughties property shows) that the smell of fresh-baked bread will attract buyers when selling your home.

Short of getting your sourdough starter out before every viewing, though, there are plenty more scents to put some pound signs in potential buyers’ eyes.

Mortgage comparison site Bankrate UK decided to find out which aromas were desirable to those buying houses, surveying 2,000 people to come to an answer.

Unsurprisingly, bread is right up the list, but even doing your washing or putting a nice candle on can have a similar effect on viewers.

‘The strategic use of scent in a home can create a warm and welcoming environment, immediately putting potential buyers at ease,’ says Nisha Vaidya, Mortgage Expert at Bankrate UK.

‘Fragrances that not only appeal to individual buyers, but also draw upon emotions can help prospective buyers to picture themselves living there.’

Check them out here, and see if you reap the rewards.

Favourite scents likely to make your home sell

Top scents by room

As well as this, Bankrate looked into the top scents people preferred in each room. Check them out.

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