The untold truth of 90 Day Fiance’s Brittany and Yazan

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Brittany Banks, a Palm Beach, Fla., resident and aspiring rapper, fell in love with Jordan-based Yazan Abo Horira virtually. Here’s what went down: Yazan is the brother of a woman who lives in the same apartment building in Chicago as Brittany’s sister, and during one of Brittany’s visits to Chi-town, she accidentally interrupted Yazan and his sister FaceTiming, per ET Online. The two began a relationship from there, with Yazan paying for Brittany to visit him in Jordan. It was during this trip that they got engaged, with Brittany ultimately relocating to Jordan.

However, this love story isn’t so simple. That’s because Brittany has no plans to convert to Islam, despite the fact that this is extremely important to Yazan and his conservative family. She also doesn’t intend to give up drinking or any hints of her life back in America. Although Brittany has every right to live how she wants, it’s a little awkward considering Yazan seemingly assumed she’d change for his benefit. Oops.

Oh, and then there’s the tricky subject of Brittany’s first marriage when she was 17. Despite ending the relationship when he ex got deported back to Haiti, they never formally got divorced. This snag is a big deal considering Yazan’s parents pressured him to marry Brittany right away, not knowing the truth about her marital status. What could go wrong, right?

But just when you thought this relationship couldn’t get any trickier, a cheating rumor surfaced against Yazan. 

Did Yazan Abo Horira cheat on Brittany Banks?

It’s safe to say Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira’s relationship didn’t begin on the right foot. Not only was Yazan outraged when he found a bottle of liquor in Brittany’s suitcase, but he also wasn’t happy that she had hugged producers. The incident led to a screaming match in the car, which was 50 shades of troubling. 

Just when you thought the romance couldn’t get bumpier, Brittany took to Instagram in June 2020 to issue multiple claims against Yazan. “Fun facts about us,” she reportedly captioned a now-deleted picture, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Yazan’s favorite drink is Jack Daniels. Yazan loves hashish, tramadol, and gaslighting women.” She continued, “He also loves to cheat with ’90 Day Fiancé’ fans. He’s on his third one. His favorite pastime is blaming others for his actions. Enjoy @yazan_abuhurira did I miss anything? Should I honorably mention your out of control temper?”

Brittany didn’t stop there — she also took to her Instagram Story, writing, “Woke up in a f*ck you mood. Tired of misogynists who think they can groom women. Ima kill all that on behalf of my ladies. F*ck misogynists…”

The Florida resident later claimed she got hacked, although it’s not exactly clear what happened. Showbiz Cheat Sheet theorized Brittany gave the hacking excuse to protect her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with TLC.

Unfortunately, Brittany and Yazan aren’t the only 90 Day Fiance stars struggling — Corey and Evelin’s relationship is also rocky.

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