The Third Day viewers left with 'goosebumps' after 'twisted, terrifying and highly disturbing' cult scenes

THE Third Day viewers have been left with 'goosebumps' after 'twisted, terrifying and highly disturbing' cult scenes.

The Sky Atlantic drama sees Jude, 47, play Sam, a man who arrives on a mysterious island off the British coast while in the throes of grief.

The island's inhabitants are determined to protect and preserve their traditions at all costs, and it turns out Sam plays a key part in that mission.

Sam is beaten, tied up and chased on numerous occasions by various inhabitants before it is revealed his ancestors founded the island, which they view as 'the soul of the world'.

The islanders have been plotting for his return for years, even taking his young son and letting him believe he is dead, as well as carrying out human and animal sacrifices to try and keep the island balanced.

Their twisted antics have left viewer gripped, with one writing on Twitter: "I love how messed up #TheThirdDay is."

Another added: "TheThirdDay , this is excellent. The acting is brilliant and it is seriously scary, real goosebumps. Watch it."

A third tweeted: "Maaate episode 2 of #thethirdday was dark, beautifully shot and quite terrifying. Not seen many talking about this show but it’s pretty twisted."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "I don't know what it is but #TheThirdDay is highly disturbing, unsettling but yet so addictive…"

The series was filmed on Osea Island near Essex, which is connected to the mainland by a sandy road which vanishes when the tide is high, meaning visitors could get stuck.

Jude recently spoke at a BAFTA Q&A and explained how things got quite tricky when shooting scenes in the water.

He said: "First of all, it’s important to know the speed this tide comes in really does put you at risk.

"And over the days and hours that we grabbed those certain scenes that take place on the causeway, we were given windows sometimes of 10-15 minutes and were caught sometimes in vehicles.

"I remember [director] Marc [Munden] and I barely making it back in the car, driving like crazy along that perilous road because the water was literally rising up around the car."

The Third Day is available to watch on Sky Atlantic.

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