The Repair Shop: Will Kirk leaves guest in tears after unveiling Victorian restoration

The Repair Shop: Guest gets emotional over stool reparation

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In a recent episode of The Repair Shop, guest Mary brought in a broken Victorian piano stool that had a special place in her heart. Woodwork expert Will Kirk was given the big task of repairing and restoring the stool on the BBC show. But, when he revealed the final restoration, Mary broke down in tears.

At the beginning of the program, Mary showed Will her badly broken stool, explaining: “It is a Victorian piano stool.

“It belonged to a very dear friend of mine, I call her my foster mum, Hannah.”

She explained how she came to know her late friend Hannah: “When I was fourteen my mother had been taken ill, she was bedridden and I needed to earn a bit of money because things were tight in the family.”

Mary said she ended up working for Hannah in a dress shop and gradually the pair became friends and when her mother eventually passed away following a stroke, Hannah was there to support her.

“Whenever I went to her house it would just be her sitting on that stool, turning around, talking to me, you know, this is Hannah.

“One Saturday I had a phone call saying Hannah’s in hospital and then she never came through. She died in 1995.

“So she left this for me. I got this stool and so this is my Hannah,” Mary confessed.

Mary revealed years after Hannah’s death, the stool had become broken and one of the legs had been snapped off entirely.

After hearing how important the stool was to Mary, woodwork expert Will said: “It’s my job to give this piece of history a future and to remember Hannah.”

Later in the programme, Mary returned to the repair shop to collect the only memento she has of her friend and mentor Hannah.

However, when Will revealed the newly repaired and restored stool, it was all a bit too much for Mary.

“Oh my god!” Mary exclaimed as she suddenly burst into tears and Will comforted her with a hug.

“I’m sorry,” Mary said apologising for her emotions, with Will replying: “That’s alright.”

“Oh my god. Oh you’ve put it back to what it originally was,” Mary said in awe of Will’s work.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, adding: “You’ve gone beyond!”

When asked what Hannah would think of the restoration, Mary replied: “She’d say ‘Mary you’ve done me proud’.”

“It’s absolutely beautiful. Wow. You know what darling? You’re a bright blooming star,” Mary said to Will before thanking him repeatedly.

Will even got Mary to test out the stool herself by sitting on it causing her to get the giggles.

“I’ve got heart palpitations. If Hannah was alive today she would be so pleased. I’ve got Hannah back. Thank you,” Mary concluded

The Repair Shop airs Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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