The Repair Shop fans livid as BBC cuts show down to 30 minutes in schedule shake-up

THE Repair Shop fans were left livid as the BBC cut the show down to 30 minutes in a schedule shake-up.

Viewers of the popular TV show were disappointed when an episode of Panorama bled into its normal airing time.

The Repair Shop usually airs every Wednesday at 8pm and finishes at 9pm, however it was forced to start at 8.30pm this week.

This meant the show only lasted for half an hour rather than the full hour.

Fans were furious with the timing change, with one person saying: "@TheRepairShop please can you revert back to the 60 minute format or reduce the items shown in the half hour as you miss the intricate details in the shorter programme and it feels so rushed #TheRepairShop not #TheRushedShop"

Another added: "I’m not sure a half-hour #therepairshop is going to have the required number of cries per episode."

A third remarked: "I just get into a routine, a lovely Wednesday evening of #TheRepairShop followed by @sewingbee, then the schedule gets messed around. Again. Why, #BBC?"

In the opening, guests Roger and Nicki brought a 300-year-old desk into the family in the hopes it could be restored.

Speaking to woodwork expert Will, Nicki said: "It's been in the family from new. It's been passed down the female line, so it came to me from my mother and to her from her mother.

"We only had a son so it will go to his eldest daughter, our elder granddaughter and her name is Charlotte."

Nicki explained her granddaughter was only nine, but she wanted it in better shape for when she eventually inherited it.

She said: "I'd like her to have it looking like a cherished old lady. Not like a brand new piece because it's not, and it shouldn't look like that.

"Like it has been cared for, rather than knocked about."

They were also tasked with restoring an old elephant soft toy and a clock that hadn't ticked in years.

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