‘The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert Jokes Defunding The Police Would Change CBS Primetime Line-Up

The movement to defund the police would force CBS to modify its entire primetime line-up, joked Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

The comedian used his monologue to discuss the issue, brought on following the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests against police brutality.

He joked that ‘Defund The Police’ sounds like a radio friendly song by NWA. “Defunding the police might sound a little scary to some people, like CBS, they’d have to change their entire primetime lineup. SWAT would have to become Community Health Services and NCIS would stand for No Cops! Instead Soup. It would still have a lot of murders in it but it would also have a lot of bisques and chowders,” he said.

Elsewhere on the show, Colbert said he was proud of his bandleader Jon Batiste, who was interviewed on CNN at the protests, and joked about Mitt Romney’s appearance. “Why hasn’t that guy ever run for President. He’d be way better than that binders full of woman guy,” he added.

In response to a new poll that showed that 74% of Americans said they support the protests, including 53% of Republicans, Colbert said, “At this rate, I look forward to the new cable news morning show Fox and My One Black Friend.”

“This protest movement is really popular but what has taken a hit in popularity are monuments to America’s racist history like Confederate statues and Donald Trump,” he added.

As well as a slam against Jared Kushner (“flushable wipe that wanted to be a real boy”), he highlighted the case of Martin Gugino, who was injured after being pushed by police during an interaction in front of Buffalo’s City Hall last week.

Showing a video of former Vice President Joe Biden, who addressed George Floyd’s funeral earlier today, Colbert once again mocked Donald Trump’s visit to a church. “You see President Trump, it is possible to bring people to tears in church without having to release pepper spray. The Vice President did the one thing that the president fears the most; Biden didn’t mention the name Donald Trump once. Let’s hope very soon, we can all do the same.”

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