The Handmaid’s Tale theories: Why can’t Nick Blaine flee to Canada?

The Handmaid's Tale: June Osborne prepares for trial in teaser

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The Handmaid’s Tale is known for its harsh and bleak storytelling, throwing fans into a dystopian nightmare. In this world, the United States has fallen and been replaced with the nation of Gilead, but there is hope in Canada for the characters to escape to. But why can’t Nick Blaine (Max Minghella) go there?

Why can’t Nick flee to Canada?

Fans have been divided over Nick’s storyline as many have questioned why the Commander is not able to flee to Canada.

In the world of Handmaid’s Tale, Canada is a beacon of hope for the characters, offering them an escape to something better, away from the oppressive Christian regime in the former-United States. 

June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) manages to flee to Canada during the fourth series and is helped by Nick, who often visits her but never remains in the country.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the events of season four and why Nick won’t, or can’t, live with June in Canada.

Posting on Reddit, one fan wrote: “I don’t understand why nick doesn’t just flee to Canada. Especially when he can drive up and meet with June, why not just go to Canada?” 

One of the explanations given by fans involves the events of the season four finale, in which Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) is murdered by June and other Handmaids when he is returned to Gilead.

The fan explained: “He will probably flee at some point but he doesn’t trust the government and look what they did to Fred in the end anyway, they just gave him back to Gilead.

“Who is to say that the same wouldn’t eventually happen to him?”

Nick is a Commander in the Gilead military, so despite his connection and link to June, he is still an enemy to most people.

Nick is also the father of June’s second-born child and has done all he can to help her on her journey throughout the series.

However, Canada might be a place he can never stay in due to the crimes of his past and the information he has.

The fan continued with another explanation for why Nick can’t go to Canada, noting: “Also, I think the likely answer is he stays behind a) he wanted June to get her normal life back.

“B) he stays behind to work within the system and keep an eye on Hannah, c) he now has a household of his own, and leaving them could get them put on the wall as an example.”

Also, Nick feels immense guilt over what he has done before and during the events of the series, which has led him to not “deserve this in some way as well,” the fan added.

The writers of the series could be holding back on bringing Nick to Canada as well, which could make it a major plot point during season five.

Hulu has already announced season five of the dystopian drama series, with a release date expected to come around mid-2022.

The details on the new season remain vague with the plot still unknown at this stage.

The next season is in pre-production, with more information expected to come in late-2021.

It also isn’t known if this will be the final season of the show or if there will be a sixth season to follow it.

Hulu has announced The Testament’s however, which is an adaptation of the sequel novel by Margaret Atwood.

The spin-off was announced back in 2019 following the book’s launch, with no information coming following it.

The sequel is set 15 years after the events of the original novel, meaning there could be a significant time jump coming for the franchise.

The Handmaid’s Tale is available to watch on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video

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