The Handmaid’s Tale star reveals moment they ‘couldn’t take’: ‘It’s pushing it’

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The Handmaid’s Tale fans watched various scenes of season three through their fingers, last year. The HULU show is renowned for tackling horrific subjects, as they watch June (played by Elisabeth Moss) in captivity in Gilead as a handmaid.

Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) was complicit in a number of the heinous acts on June over the years.

However during season three even she found the deeds of Gilead to be too much, as she eventually rebelled against her husband, Fred Waterford (Joseph Fienes), and indeed the draconian state of Gilead.

Many of the show’s events have left viewers feeling quite uneasy, but now it has been revealed one scene in particular left Serena star Yvonne feeling the same way.

In a recent interview the actor explained which scene left her stunned.


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Speaking to Gold Derby, Yvonne explained: “I remember reading in the script about the handmaids with the rings in their mouths and I thought: ‘Oh my god!'”

Viewers may remember June’s trip to Washington, D.C, in which she met more powerful members of the Gilead hierarchy.

During this visit she also happened upon some handmaids who were stopped from speaking by having iron rings being put through their lips, holding their mouthes closed.

Yvonne went on: “For me, that was one of the moments where I thought: Wow.


“This is really pushing it in another direction that I almost can’t take. It was one of those moments for me as a viewer.”

Fans of the show were in a similar position, and certainly were not happy about how these women were being treated.

Despite this, Serena continued on in her journey alongside husband Fred.

Eventually, Serena experienced some karma, and found herself being arrested for her atrocities.

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Although she is certainly going to be punished pretty severely, Yvonne later explained she does “not feel sorry” for the character.

Later in the interview with Gold Derby, Yvonne added: “If I remove myself from being so attached to the insides of Serena Joy as the person who plays her, I think she has it coming and it’s exactly where she should be, actually.”

“It’s such a tainted experience for her,” she said later. “And I loved playing with that duality of having to still be the manipulative Serena, whilst automatically losing herself in the emotional side of that reunion.

“From the get-go we were zoned in on one another and it’s very strong because there are two very clear opposing forces at work here in this scene with Luke and his animosity towards Serena.”


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“That scene was very clear to me. I knew exactly how I wanted to do it.”

It has not yet been revealed when The Handmaid’s Tale will make a return, as the ongoing pandemic has pushed production back.

However fans will be tuning in to see how June survived her last-minute shooting in the season three finale.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 1-3 are available to watch on Now TV.

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