The Handmaids Tale season 4: Fans blast plot hole in Nick Blaines rise to power

The Handmaid's Tale: Trailer for fourth series released

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Nick Blaine (played by Max Minghella) has shot through the ranks in the fourth outing of The Handmaid’s Tale. Now the acclaimed Hulu series has returned to screens following last year’s coronavirus delays, viewers have been debating whether the start of the new season has been worth the wait.

The Handmaid’s Tale returned with a triple bill premiere last Wednesday, but some key plot points have left fans rather battled.

In episode three, ‘The Crossing’, June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) barely escaped Gilead’s clutches after revealing the location of her fellow renegade Handmaids.

Meanwhile, Nick, now a high-ranking Commander, has convinced the state to keep Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) alive after he assisted Mayday in smuggling 86 children into Canada.

Fans were especially divided when Nick orchestrated an emotional reunion with June, their romantic kiss quickly becoming one of the most talked about moments of the new season.

However, considering June currently poses the single greatest threat against Gilead’s authority, some viewers were caught off guard by their reckless public meeting.

There is also the question of just how fast Nick has managed to ascend to his position as Commander, considering he started as a simple driver for the Waterfords at the start of the series.

One frustrated viewer took their criticisms online after finding numerous issues with Nick’s rise to power.

Redditor Girlinthegreycoat posted: “He was a driver six months ago and now he has the power to single-handedly convince the Council to spare Lawrence’s life?”

“He’s also the chief bounty hunter to catch Gilead’s greatest threat?”

Despite being assigned to personally take down June by any means necessary, Nick still has the power to organise a public meeting without fear of consequence.

Furthermore, although fans have been waiting almost two years for the series to continue, season four picks up right after June’s smuggling mission in Canada.

Even after having a child with June and covertly helping with her escape, Nick has managed to become one of Gilead’s highest-ranking officials in just a few months.

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The fan continued: “[He has] so much power he can request to meet with Gilead’s ‘public enemy number one’ on that bridge?

“So much power that he can fully make out with her in front of others with zero fear of consequence??”

Nick’s immunity in Gilead somehow seems to stretch to openly flaunting his relationship with June with no fear his actions will catch the attention of his superiors.

Unfortunately, even with all that power, Nick is still reluctant to help June and the other Handmaid’s escape Gilead’s clutches.

The incredulous fan finally added: “But NOT enough power to help June or the others escape. Righttttt.”

The final moments of episode three saw June fully experience the consequences of her actions as Alma (Nina Kiri) and Brianna (Bahia Watson) lost their lives whilst fleeing Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd).

After inadvertently causing more bloodshed and trauma for June and the Handmaids, could Nick finally reject his status and go underground to help the resistance when the series continues?

The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 continues Wednesday, May 5 on Hulu.

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