The Circle's Jamie and Millie are first to be blocked after failing to convince with 'Penny' catfish

THE Circle's Jamie and Millie became the first people to be blocked after failing to convince the others with their "Penny" catfish.

Student Millie and relationship therapist Jamie played Penny, a 49-year-old letting agent from London.

However, they were sniffed out by The Circle's "Syed" – a catfish played by 28-year-old Hashu – and Andy, who is playing as himself.

After Syed and Andy became influencers, they deliberated over who to vote for, before finally picking the pair.

They believed they couldn't get any information out of Penny, which led them to think they were a catfish.

After being blocked, the pair went to visit Syed – discovering it was actually Hashu.

In their leaving message, Jamie said: "We've had the most amazing time together as father and daughter. I never get to see this much of Millie and it's been the best."

While Millie said: "We went to visit Syed and we just want to say, not everyone is who they say they are in The Circle."

Now The Circle are sure the person they visited was a catfish.

Speaking about Penny before the show, Jamie said: "The catfish we've created together, Penny, is a very likeable, slightly sassy, come from the school of hard knocks 49-year-old. She's a great listener."

Millie said of her motivation to go on The Circle: "It’s just one of the most unique games you can go into.

"With social  media nowadays, it’s all about the way you present yourself."

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