The Chase’s Bradley Walsh jokes he’s planning surgery to look like contestant

The Chase host Bradley Walsh said he wanted to get plastic surgery to look like one of Wednesday's contestants.

The 60-year-old could not believe that the first player up, Lyndon, was 70, saying that he'd get plastic surgery so he could look like him when he reached the same age.

Wednesday's chaser Darragh "The Menace" Ennis joked it would be next year, which Bradley looked outrage at.

Bradley said: "Can't believe he's 70. I'm going to look like that. I'm going to save up, get a load of plaggy surgery."

Darragh interjected: "What, this time next year?"

Bradley seethed: "What? So unnecessary."

Despite Bradley being full of compliments, retired Lyndon didn't make it past The Menace and was sent packing.

He had opted to go for the higher offer of £55,000 but a few wrong questions meant he was caught and his prize fund – which had originally been £7,000 – was taken away.

Player number two, Elaine, managed to bring a respectable £5,000 back – though she could've taken her higher offer as she stormed ahead of Darragh.

Student Matt, in seat three, won £2,000 and managed to make it back – though The Menace was clearly hoping he'd knock doctor Charlotte out by tempting her with a mega offer.

He gave her the higher offer of £120,000 – the money the other players hadn't taken – and it was a chance she couldn't refuse.

Sadly, it proved to be a mistake.

A couple of wrong answers meant The Menace easily caught up with Charlotte, and she was sent packing.

That left just Matt and Elaine to take on the chaser in the final round.

However with just eight steps with them in the final chase, Bradley told them they'd need plenty of push backs to win.

He managed to catch them comfortably with more than a minute remaining.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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