The Big Bang Theory's fans spot a new huge plot hole and demand answers

The Big Bang Theory fans have spotted a new continuity error within the show – with one episode never getting the answers they truly deserved. 

Over the course of 12 seasons and a record-breaking 279 episodes, The Big Bang has had more than one mistake in its story – whether it be Leonard’s eyesight coming and going or Amy Farrah Fowler changing her stance on being able to ice skate. 

But in a new Reddit thread, a user has called out a plot point from season six, which aired in 2013, that was left hanging in the air, with the show never revealing the answer. 

They wrote: ‘I’m on my bajillionth rewatch of the series (it’s my comfort show, don’t judge) and I noticed something during the S6 E20 episode The Tenure Turbulence.

‘Obviously everyone’s fighting the whole time to get tenure, embarrassing themselves multiple times in front of Mrs. Davis, only to learn later on that they were all nominated. But then, to my knowledge, it’s never brought up again?? They never say if they got it or lost it? 

‘Obviously we can assume none of them got it considering it’s never mentioned again, but it seems odd and almost lazy to have an entire episode dedicated to them fighting for tenure and then never reveal who got it?’ 

They certainly have a point, with one fan further fuelling the confusion by saying: ‘I’m not even sure if they’d be eligible for tenure, tbh. They were not professors. They were researchers.’ 

‘So you’re telling me the entire episode just might not make sense,’ the original poster responded. 

We’ve given it a look and, to defend Big Bang Theory, it appears that researchers can be given tenure – a permanent fixed position – at a facility, though the use of the word is often associated with teachers or lecturers. 

Still though… who got the job?! 

We can’t imagine Sheldon being too happy if it was given to one of his arch nemeses – we’re looking at you there, Kripke.

The Big Bang Theory is available on Netflix in the UK.

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