The Big Bang Theory fans spot time-bending plot hole with Penny and Leonard’s first kiss – The Sun

FANS have claimed that a pivotal moment between Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) was ruined by a strange plot hole.

The final season of The Big Bang Theory looked back on more than a decade’s worth of memories, including Leonard and Penny's first kiss.

In episode Imitation Perturbation, Penny and Leonard reminisced on their years as a couple, only for an inconsistency to crop up.

Penny looked back on her first kiss and seemed to forget the fact that she was in a relationship with Kurt (Brian Patrick Wade) when she first kissed Leonard.

One fan felt so strongly about the kissing plot hole that they detailed the discrepancies in an article for Screenrant.

They wrote: "As she recalled the drunken kiss on Halloween, she also let it slip that she hated the fact that the monumental occasion happened while she was still with Kurt.

"However, try as she might to forget, Penny did indeed kiss Leonard for the first time in the season one episode The Middle-Earth Paradigm."

Unfortunately, Penny’s recap of the events a full decade later doesn’t exactly line up with what happened at the Halloween party.

The fan added:  “Looking back at that particular episode in The Big Bang Theory season one, she made it sound as if she’s already broken up with him prior to the party.

“The only reason he was invited was because she accidentally met him a week before.”

It led viewers to question whether Penny was actually with Kurt during THAT iconic Halloween episode.

The sitcom ran for an impressive 12 years with annual seasons, which means fans have plenty to work with when it comes to gaffe hunting.

In fact, Penny and Leonard's plot hole is just one of dozens flagged by fans on social media and TV forums.

However, considering the context of the episode, fans were willing to overlook the mishap given that it set up other touching moment’s for Penny and Leonard.

The faux pas comes after The Big Bang Theory fans spotted something amiss with the apartment’s windows.

Eagle-eyed fans saw that Sheldon spoke about having a cross-breeze from a window that in later episodes seems to be non-existent.

Seasons 1-12 of The Big Bang Theory are available to stream on All4 and Netflix.


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