The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart Cast Revealed — Meet the Musicians Looking for Love

The Cast

The new Bachelor franchise spinoff series will feature 20 single men and women who search for love through music.

Once the couples commit to each other on the show, their relationships will be tested through musical challenges, including live performances judged by some of the biggest names in music. The couples whose performances display their love and devotion to each other will have the opportunity to further their relationship, until only one couple remains.

The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart premieres on April 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Brandon, 34, is an American folk pop musician from Nashville, TN.

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The 25-year-old Washington, DC-native specializes in musical theater. 

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Danny is 26 and from Sherman Oaks, CA. He’s a singer-songwriter.

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Specializing in pop music, Bri is 28 and from Provo, Utah.

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Chris, 30, is a soul musician from Los Angeles, CA.

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The R&B musician is 23 and from Lawndale, CA.

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Josh, 32, may be from Nashville, TN, but he specializes in both country and pop.

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The 28-year-old is a soul/folk musician from Houston, Texas.

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Julia, 27, is from Wayne, PA. Her style of music is pop.

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This Dallas, Texas-native, 28, specializes in country music.

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No suprises here: Jamie, 21, is from Nashville, TN, and her style of music is country.

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Mariana, 23, is from Dallas, Texas and likes a mix of R&B and pop music.

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Matt, 32, is from Encino, CA. His style of music is neo soul.

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Mel, 38, is from from Brooklyn, NY. Her style is indie rock.

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Michael Todd

This singer-songwriter is 31-years-old and from Atwater, CA.

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Natascha is a 33-year-old pop singer from Los Angeles, CA.

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Russell is 26 and is from New York. His style of music is American folk.

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Rudi, 24, is from Los Angeles, CA, and joins the list of R&B and pop musicians. 

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Ryan can do it all. The 28-year-old from Dearborn Heights, MI, music ranges from jazz and funk to pop and R&B.

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The indi-pop musician is 25 and from Austin, Texas.

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Also from Austin, Texas, Sheridan, 27, loves R&B soul pop.

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Savannah, 25, is from Nashville. Her style of music is acoustic pop.

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