'The Bachelor': Colton Underwood Makes a Good Point About Madison Prewett's Fantasy Suite Ultimatum

Madison Prewett told Peter Weber after the hometowns rose ceremony that she’d remove herself from the show were the bachelor to have sex with any of his contestants.

Peter Weber’s fantasy suite with Madison Prewett

The two had a fun, thrilling fantasy suite date where they both said they could picture spending their lives with the other. But when they sat down for the dinner portion of their fantasy suite, Prewett brought up what she’d spoken to Weber about after hometowns. He told her he had indeed “been intimate” and she got up and walked away, upset. Weber followed her.

“I hate this situation right now. And I know how tough this is for you. I can’t lose you. Say something,” he said.  

“I just felt really hurt in there and, like, I can’t change who I am. Like, I can’t change. I believe in, like, what I stand for and what I need. I can’t change that, you know? And I don’t want to feel bad for, like, having that and being that, you know?” she told him.

“Don’t walk away. Don’t. I know I’m not perfect. I’m not even close. If you can honestly see me and you together forever do not walk away. Please don’t. I know that I’ve hurt you and I’m sorry for that. But please don’t walk away from this. What do you need to do?” asked Weber.

The previews for the next episode show the remaining women asking, “Where’s Madison?” So it seems as though she might have gone home. But some fans are thinking we haven’t seen the last of the foster parent recruiter.

Bachelor Nation has, of course, been weighing in with their thoughts on Prewett’s ultimatum. Some fans are applauding the contestant for sticking to her beliefs. Others are wondering why she went on The Bachelor in the first place, knowing about fantasy suites and some of Weber’s sexual history. And others think both Prewett and the pilot are fine, but they’re not a good fit for one another.

What Colton Underwood thinks of Madison Prewett’s fantasy suite

Former bachelor Colton Underwood responded to a tweet by E! News that read: “The Bachelor’s Madison Gives Peter a Fantasy Suite Ultimatum and We Wonder Why She’s On This Show.”

“Uhhhh… she probably watched my season,” he replied.

Bachelor Nation will remember Underwood’s dramatic fantasy suites. By his final three (and according to Underwood much, much earlier), the bachelor had already decided Cassie Randolph was his season winner. So he didn’t sleep with Tayshia Adams during their overnight, and he skipped his date with Hannah Godwin all together. Underwood is suggesting perhaps Prewett was hoping Weber would do the same for her.

Additionally, Underwood responded to an E! News Instagram post about the same sentiment.

“The mistake is thinking this is only about Peter, it takes two to have a relationship… no one is wrong here. She knows what she signed up for and she also knows what she stands for. Good on you @madiprew,” he commented.

While Underwood already knew going into fantasy suites he wanted to choose Randolph, Weber’s made it clear that, during his fantasy suites, he was “in love with three women.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Prewett is really gone for good, or if Weber chases after her, as Underwood did for Randolph.

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