Teen Mom star Corey Simms' youngest daughter Remi, 5, poses with older sisters Ali and Aleeah in a rare photo

TEEN Mom star Corey Simms' youngest daughter Remi, 5, posed with older sisters Ali and Aleeah in a rare photo.

Corey shares Ali and Aleeah with ex-wife, Leah Messer.

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Jeff Simms, Corey's father, shared an adorable photo of his granddaughters posing together for his 55th birthday.

Along with a picture of the girls standing around him with a birthday cake, the proud grandfather wrote: "This is what it’s all about!

"Love these girls so much."

He finished off his post with the hashtag blessed.

Because Corey doesn't have social media, he rarely shares bits of his life with Teen Mom 2 fans especially after leaving the show in 2013 when he and Leah got divorced.

In early January, Corey's father shared a picture of him, Corey with his wife, Miranda, and his three daughters.

Corey has not publicly shared photos of Miranda on Instagram since their wedding in 2013.

The ex-couple successfully co-parents their children, although the situation has not always operated smoothly.

Leah, 28, struggled with substance abuse following her pregnancy with her youngest daughter Adalyn, who she shares with another ex, Jeremy Calvert.

The young mom was addicted to prescription painkillers after a botched spinal tap during her c-section with Addy, 7.

Corey and Miranda accused Leah of drug use, but she denied the allegations in order to keep custody of her children.

Documented on Teen Mom, Leah admitted: “I have to pretend I’m okay. If I slip up, even a little, it could give the twins’ dad ammunition he could use to get custody of them.”

The MTV star, unfortunately, lost custody of her twins for a short time in 2015, though she and Corey now share 50/50.

Last month, Leah finally spoke to her ex about her battle with abuse, and further accused him and his new wife of not providing a "safe place" for her during her years under the influence.

In a scene that debuted in mid-December, Leah confronted Corey as they met to drop off their children.

While the kids remained in the car, the television personalities spoke about how they're in a much more positive position now that Leah has learned to control her drug problem.

Corey mentioned that they haven't had "a disagreement in years" despite the fact that their relationship "used to not be good."

Leah then mentioned her addiction, sharing to her baby daddy that she "hadn't really ever talked to [him] about it."

"You didn't know after I had Addy that they put me on multiple different painkillers," she shared.

Corey replied: "I didn't know all of the details. All I know is that you have progressed."

Leah then criticized how her ex handled the situation, saying: "I look back at that moment and I wish each of us, all of us including your wife, could have communicated it a little different, provided that safe place for me as an addict."

Corey admitted that although he and Miranda were initially "supportive," their emotions eventually "turned to anger."

"We could've communicated better. Our communication now is where it should be. I dreaded the drop-offs for years, but now it's pretty simple," he shared.

Teen Mom OG – Season 9

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Who's in the cast this season?

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Teen Mom OG 's season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.

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